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February 18, 2008

George W.

Today is George Washington's birthday (observed).

George Washington was our first president and I guess you can say we wouldn't even have our government if it wasn't for him... but enough is enough isn't it? He has the dollar bill and the quarter... Mount Rushmore and the Washington Monument... a couple of universities and a museum... and hell, he's got a state and the state capital named after him. No other American had their own state. So yeah, I guess he was pretty important, but he wasn't so great in other ways (e.g., he owned slaves).

But why do we only celebrate his and Lincoln's birthday? I know that Lincoln did a lot of awesome things for our country... but there are only two presidents who really get the big whoopdedoo from us on the calendar. What about James Madison or Thomas Jefferson or any of the rest of the old white dudes?

Speaking of old white dudes... I was watching Bill Maher the other day and he made a really good point about the history of American presidents. From his "New Rules" (thank God the writer's strike is finally over):

Stop saying how amazing it is for Democratic voters to have a choice for President between a woman and a black man. It's not amazing. It's two centuries late.

It's 2008, we've had 43 white guys in a row, not to mention only one Catholic president, one bachelor president and of course, one retarded president.

If we really were an advanced society, Hillary and Barak could team up and become the Hillabarack but that'll never happen because in America the only time you see an interracial couple working together to push boundaries... is in pornography.

He's so right. As much as I'd love to see someone other than a white guy to be our president, I'm sick of everyone using race or gender as the basis for their voting decisions. Yeah I'd love to see someone other than an old guy dude in office this time around, but I'm not going vote based on that alone.

And I can't even be happy that we have that choice... because it's true, it's about time. Instead of feeling so happy that there's a black man and a woman running for President, all I can think about is what took you so long? Why haven't we had a female president or a black president yet? Or for that matter, why not a Jewish president or a Latino president or a homosexual president...?

Isn't there a little more that the Democrats should be worrying about? Such as where do they really stand on the important issues? and who can beat the Republican? Clinton and Obama are both going on and on about "change". Well hopefully whoever it is that makes it to the big game can bring us more important change than gender or race.

Want to know where they stand on the issues?

Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama

(a.k.a. "the woman" vs. "the black guy")

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