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February 8, 2008

Really Specific Dating Criteria

Single for Valentine's Day? Normally here at Evil Slutopia, we'd just tell you "Who cares!? Valentine's Day is bullshit"... (and well, we will tell you that in a few days anyway). However, today we thought we'd maybe help you do something about it instead.

There's always the option to join Match.com or e-Harmony or one of those typical dating sites, but it's safe to assume that if you're reading the Evil Slutopia blog that you're probably not e-Harmony material. Lucky for you there are so many other "alternative" options for Internet dating nowadays, in case you do want to try to find that special someone online.

First of all, there is chemistry.com, which is slowly becoming famous thanks to their commercials about how eHarmony rejects people for mysterious or arbitrary reasons (you know, like being gay). There is also Perfectmatch.com which has been described as an eHarmony alternative for those who aren't necessarily marriage-oriented.

There are also highly specific sites now that cater to every niche category you could possibly think of. There are the obvious ones such as race, religion, and sexual orientation. Then there are the slightly more specific ones like political affiliation, marital status, age, and occupation. Also physical disabilities, dietary restrictions, medical health and body type. And of course, there are a slew of hobby and activity-oriented subsections of the population. Then it gets even more extra-specific by combining two or more of the above categories, until it reaches the point of ridiculousness.

The basic premise of most of these sites is to find someone who is "compatible" with you - that is shares similar interests, beliefs, lifestyle or background. Of course, this makes the assumption that being exactly alike necessarily means you are compatible. (I thought that sometimes opposites attract?) On the other hand, there are sites that match people not by identical interests, but by "complimentary" interests. Take WealthyMen.com for example: this site pairs wealthy men (duh) with women who... want to date wealthy men. Total compatibility. (Of course, they could just call it "golddiggers.com" but to each his own).

I'm not sure what I think is the best solution when it comes to online dating - sites with huge networks of random miscellaneous people or highly specific niche sites with little carbon copies of yourself. But just in case any of our readers wanted something a little different from the boring generic e-Harmony and e-Harmony-rip-off sites out there... we thought we'd give you a glimpse into the world of alternative niche online dating.

The sites we've listed were chosen because we read that they have been reviewed favorably or because we just liked the name or because we think it's funny/cool/odd/interesting that this particular website exists. (You can guess which ones fit which reasons). Listing a site here does not imply or suggest that we endorse or recommend the site. Also, since this is hardly a comprehensive list and we've left a lot out, if you have a weird fetish or hobby and want to find your "match" do your own alternative-dating sites search.

Happy hunting!



Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity

Political views

Physical disability/impairment


    Dietary Restrictions/Philosophies

    Family/Marital Status


    Financial Status

    Health Conditions/STD-Status



    Pet Owners/Animal Lovers

    Anything else you could possibly think of

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