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February 2, 2008

Very February

Certain parts of the ESC are having "technical difficulties" but don't worry. we'll get our shit in order in time because we have so much to say this month. February is traditionally the month of LOVE. (Of course that's kind of idiotic, when you think about the train wreck of a holiday that Valentine's Day is, but I'm getting ahead of myself...)

This month at Evil Slutopia, we'll be addressing on different aspects of "love" - both the cliché topics like weddings, dating, and romance (or at least our version of "romance") and also the other sides of love too often overlooked in February, such as the love of friends and family, loving yourself, etc.

Of course,that doesn't mean that we'll forget about all the other important stuff happening in February - like Black History Month, updates on the presidential candidates (that is, who will we tell to suck it next?), Mardi Gras/Lent, and of course... Groundhog day.

So for now, while our "technical difficulties" get looked at, here's a little something to enjoy today. The awesomeness that is the groundhog.

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Anonymous said...

oh noooooooo. it's steve singing about groundhogs. only you.