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March 14, 2008

CWLU: Posters & Pins

We have no idea how activists ever managed to get the word out about their causes in the days before email blasts and myspace bulletins.

We're kidding, of course, but we did want to post some great images of posters and pins that were created during the women's liberation movement in the late 60s and 70s. We've picked out a few of our favorites examples, but this really only scratches the surface since there was such a 'wave' (ha ha) of activity at that time, with so many different groups forming to tackle an incredibly wide range of issues. Workplace discrimination, equal pay, advancement in sports, abortion rights, mother's and children's rights, health care, violence against women. Unfortunately these are all issues that we're still dealing with, but we're lucky that we have so much history to explore and learn from and be inspired by.

All of these images were taken from the archives of the CWLU Herstory Project: The Online History of the Chicago Women's Liberation Union. The CWLU was a group that was active from 1969-1977 in about a million different things--providing safe underground abortion services (more on this later in the month), cooperative childcare, work with labor unions, lesbian rights, a women's liberation rock band, legal advice, and the list goes on. There was also a graphics collective which produced much of the lovely artwork below. Check out all of the amazing information and resources on their website, and if you'd like to support their work or just get one of these awesome posters for yourself, you can buy from their online store. I'm thinking 'Sisterhood Is Blooming' would look really nice on my wall for the spring.

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