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March 12, 2008

Evil Sluts of the Future?

Today is the 96th anniversary of the first meeting of the Girl Scouts of the USA, but we're not going to talk about girl scouts again. Instead we're going to take a little look at what's going on with the next generation of evil sluts, so today's "link round-up" is going to focus primarily on adolescents and what the world looks like for them.

There's an interesting article written by Jill Filipovic that offers some potential good news... you know, that maybe the idea that women are people isn't such a bizarre concept after all.

Boys Treat Girls Like People: Thanks to Feminism

A new study shows that most teenage boys view teenage girls as actual human beings, not simple sex toys: The stereotype of the 16-year-old boy is that he has sex on the brain. But a fascinating new report suggests that boys are motivated more by love and a desire to form real relationships with the girls they date.

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Although maybe it still is kind of bizarre to some people who are shaping the minds of tomorrow:
Removal of Woman Referee By Religious School Has Some Crying Foul

Just minutes before tip-off, basketball referee Michelle Campbell was ready to take the court. Shoes laced up, shirt tucked in, whistle in hand. Then she noticed the discussion between her officiating partner and the school’s athletic director.

Finally, Campbell got the news: She wouldn’t be officiating the boys’ high school basketball game. Because she’s a woman.

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So maybe things aren't quite as good as we'd want just yet? Yeah, definitely not as good as we want it:

Girls Accepting Sexual Assault At School As Fact of Life

When you went to school, chances are the worst thing you faced was the schoolyard bully, the occasional fight in the field or some less than good-natured teasing. Hard as it may seem to believe, those were the good old days. It appears a growing number of young girls are not only being sexually assaulted on campus, but have come to think of it as a normal part of their educational experience.

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And now there is all the more reason not to spank your kids:

University Domestic Abuse Expert Says Spanking Kids Affects Their Sex Lives As Adults

New research by a University of New Hampshire domestic abuse expert says spanking children affects their sex lives as adults. Professor Murray Straus concludes that children who are spanked are more likely as adults to coerce partners to have sex, to have unprotected sex and to have masochistic sex.

Other studies have shown the link between spanking and physical violence, but Straus said his research is the first to show a link between corporal punishment and sexual behavior.

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You could google "abstinence only fails" and come up with over 340,000 hits. So here's a great editiorial from The Orion (the student-run newspaper at California State University, Chico):

Abstinence Education Funding Fails Fornicating Youth

Walking downtown, right hand outstretched, I hold a condom in the palm of my hand.

"Come to me," I hope to convey to the men I pass by in my miniskirt.

I'm not lonely or particularly desperate, but the Student Health Center gives out condoms for free. What else am I supposed to do?

All things reminiscent of sex make me want to do it: condoms, birth control pills and most commercial advertising. Getting it for free makes it that much sweeter.

Needless to say, I'm a busy girl.

Wait, no I'm not.

Condom-laden as I may be, I've never felt the urge to go out and find a sexual partner simply because I've got the goods. Birth control, free or otherwise, doesn't encourage people to have sex. It's simply an alternative to unsafe sex.

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And now just a reminder of the effects of abstinence-only sex education (hint, it's not abstinence).

Birth Leave Sought for Girls

Pregnant students in a Denver high school are asking for at least four weeks of maternity leave so they can heal, bond with their newborns and not be penalized with unexcused absences.

The request is unusual in Colorado's public schools, where districts tend to deal with pregnant students or new moms with specialized programs or individualized education plans. Denver Public Schools has no districtwide policy, leaving it up to schools to work out plans for students to continue their education.

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So what are we going to do about these kids today? How bout install security cameras in the bathrooms? Um... wait no.

School Removes CCTV Cameras From Children's Toilets After Furious Protest From Parents

A school has been forced to remove CCTV cameras they installed in the students' toilets after furious protests from pupils and parents.

Hundreds of outraged students petitioned against the cameras after they spotted them in the toilets and even refused to use the loos all day so they were not caught on CCTV.

Other children were kept at home by their families rather than expose themselves to the "gross invasion of privacy".

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Bill said...

Your posts have been great lately, but I love this one. You really have a great way of putting the issues out there succinctly. Thanks and keep it up!

May said...

Great links! I agree with Bill.

I liked the article about Boys Treating Girls better, especially. It confirms a lot of hopes I've had, but couldn't confirm since I have no interaction with young people right now. Hooray for good news! :)

Delilah Moran said...

Thank you for compiling so much useful news!

One thing though, about the spanking article:

Masochism is bad? How does that equate to unprotected sex, or psychological coercion? Hell, ALL of those things can be great fun if handled responsibly.

I'm really quite tired of the spanking issue being so "all or nothing." Its NOT a black and white issue, I really don't think its "you hit your kids or you don't." I really doubt a rare slap on the ass (as opposed to constant belt whippings) will ruin a young life.

Binary logic is teh suck.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The article saying that girls are accepting harrassment is almost scary. I'm in high school and yes, we have the ass grabbing, touching, etc. Most of which is done by couples. I can't recall any harrassment I've actually seen at my school. Honestly, that makes me a bit scared to go back to school but I wouldn't stand for being touched and would automatically report them...but still. School is supposed to be a safe zone.

And how, if boys are actually so caring and want a real relationship, are the statistics for harassment and assualt for those girls so high?