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April 21, 2008

The Boring Rock of Love Season 2 Reunion

Last time around we listed our Top "WTF Moments" of the Rock of Love reunion. This season, the reunion (you know, like the show itself) was incredibly lame.

So here, briefly (very briefly) are our top "Non-WTF Moments"... booooring.

Angelique gives Bret a lap dance... but fails to get naked. BORING.

Jessica didn't get any stage time whatsoever. BORING.

Daisy and Heather get in a fight, but no one actually gets hurt. BORING.

Peyton performs and it doesn't suck. In fact, it's actually good. Which is kinda cool... but nothing to make fun of so it's still... BORING.

Kristy Jo and Aubry's "hot girl-on-girl action" was not entertaining... or hot. BORING.

"Jackye" actually spells her name the normal way ("Jackie") and that whole crazy spelling was just a typo on the show. BORING.

Bret and Ambre are still "dating" (or at least pretending to be dating). BORING.

Heather's hair was not only straight, but partially covered by a Bret-style headband. BORING

Destiney is well... awesome. She's selling condom tins or something like that (no barbecue sauce like Rodeo) and had enough sanity to not get Bret's name tattooed on her (opting for the ROL logo instead) and not tell Bret she loved him after only a few weeks. So yeah, we love Destiney and we wish she won... but are glad that she didn't win because then she'd be, ew, dating Bret Michaels. However, all this love we have for Destiney... is still pretty BORING.

So that's about it. The reunion was a big snooze-fest. Okay wait, maybe there was one "WTF" moment....

(We stole that pic from the VH1.com Celebreality blog).

So we're sure this blog entry has put you to sleep... consider it your Evil Slutopia bedtime story and now drift off dreaming of silicone and hair extensions. Goodnight.

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