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April 14, 2008

Rock of Love Drinking Game (Season 2)

The Rock of Love 2 finale was last night. And oh my god you guys, he like, totally chose Ambre! It was so exciting! We think it's real love this time!! Woooo!

Are we convincing you that we care yet!?

For those of us who want to hang on until the bitter end, the reunion show is this weekend. and you know what that means... one last chance for something interesting to happen. It also, of course, means it's marathon time. (And even if they don't air a marathon before the reunion, you know we'll be watching this show in reruns for the next few months.)

Last year's Rock of Love Drinking Game was insanely popular, so we thought we'd give you alcohol poisoning one more time! Since Season 2 has been so lame compared to Season 1, we recommend you drink at least 8 drinks before show show starts. That will make the whole thing much more enjoyable.

Take a drink every time:

-You hope for Heather to show up. (Note: If you get to the point where you start wishing Lacey would show up, check yourself into Promises).

-You see Ambre and wonder "how the hell did Bret ever buy that she was only 31?"

-Bret's "hair" startles you.

-Kristi Jo cries.

-Kristi Jo talks about an ex-husband or a restraining order.

-Someone talks about Kristi Jo still being legally married.

-Someone talks about Daisy still living with her ex-boyfriend.

-Daisy starts in with the mumbles and crazy arms.

-Bret "has doubts".

-Bret calls Inna his Ukranian love tank or love bus.

-Angelique ("Frenchy") gets naked.

-You see Aubry and think it's Alexis Arquette.

-Megan looks like she is smelling something foul.

-Someone says Jessica is too "young" or "innocent". (Drink twice if they use both words together; drink three times if they also mention not being able to handle Bret's "lifestyle").

-Someone calls Destiney a groupie.

-You wonder what was wrong with Destiney and Ambre's parents when they were spelling their names.

-Someone gets a drink thrown at them. (If it's Daisy, drink twice and then throw a drink at someone in the room).

-Someone goes on about how they're "here for Bret".

-Someone refers to Bret by his full name "Bret Michaels".

-Peyton or Catherine lose a challenge.

-Destiney yells at someone.

-Someone claims to have really deep feelings - even love - for a man they barely know.

-You compare one of the girls to someone from last season, like 'Peyton is totally the new Rodeo' or 'Inna is just a poor man's Magdalena'.

-You wish that Bret would just pull a Kelly Taylor "I choose me" ending and start fresh with a new group of women.

-You start thinking about other 'rock stars' that might make a good replacement for Bret next season.

-You wonder if maybe that girl who passed out drunk and missed the first elimination ceremony was actually strangely the smartest one in the bunch.

-You think about how sucky this season was compared to last season.

Just kidding about that last one. We don't want any of our readers getting alcohol poisoning, we just want to threaten you with a good (drunk) time. Enjoy the reunion!

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