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April 27, 2008

TeamSugar Rejects The ESC

In our continuing quest for world domination, the ESC is always looking for new blogs to read, new material to write about, and new networking opportunities. Recently, this led us to register at TeamSugar. We didn't really know too much about it, but that's never stopped us before. (Speaking of which, if anyone wants to explain Twitter to us, we'd really appreciate it.) We registered as EvilSlutopia and set up a profile, and later that day we received this message.

Hi there,

We are thrilled to have you as a member of the Sugar Network. There is one small rule, we must inform you of, we do not allow links to personal blog in comments, blogs, signatures or chatters. I have removed your blog with the following link: www.evilslutopia.com. You can, however, have a link on your TeamSugar homepage.

Also, we try to make sure this is fun, friendly and happy community for all of our members and would like you to change your user name. Please send me three new user names and once it has been changed, you will receive a confirmation email.

Please let me know, if you have any questions.


Believe it or not, this had actually never happened to us before so we were a little surprised. But it's their sandbox, so their rules, right? We decided it wasn't worth it to change the name, but we had to write back to this super perky message.
So is our name unfun, unfriendly, or unhappy? Or perhaps all three?

We've never had a problem registering anywhere else that we wanted to be with our name, so sounds like this isn't really the right place for us. We'll probably just delete the account and go elsewhere. Thanks anyway.
We figured that was the end of that, but before we had a chance to delete the account (okay, we were lazy and didn't bother to do it right away) we got a reply.
Hi EvilSlutopia,

We hope to keep you as a member, so just let me know if you are open to tweaking your user name, just because we don't allow any user names that might be offensive. Hope you understand and can be a part of our fun site.


Okay, so now we've officially graduated from unfun, unfriendly, or unhappy to offensive. This made us wonder--the Sugar Network has blogs about celebrities, beauty, fashion, and relationships. Was it really possible that no variation on the word slut (or other similar "offensive" terms) had ever appeared anywhere on the site? Unless of course they were really more bothered by the 'evil' or the 'opia'.

This inspired us to do a little digging to see if the whole Sugar Network (which includes both official Sugar blogs and also groups and blogs created by members of the teamsugar community) was really free of sluttitude, and we must say we were just so totally shocked to find that our new friend 'team' was totally full of shit. Here's our final message back, which includes our findings.

I think we're going to pass for now. Maybe one day we'll think it's worth it to come back with a different name, but for now we'll stick to the places that let us be who we are.

You know, it's interesting about our name potentially being "offensive". I did a little searching and found these pages from PopSugar.

Paris Sluts it Up Again
Brooke Burke Sluts it Up
Jessica: A Mom or A Slut?
Paris and Nicky's Skanky Halloween
Scarlett is Not Slutty
Is Sienna Really Slutty?
Is Katharine Sexy or Slutty?

And these:
Guess Who?
"Her ass may say sexy... but it should be more like slutty, skanky, dirty or drunk girl...damn I said too much. Guess Who!"

Sex Pot Charlotte Church
"I cannot believe his girl slammed Tara Reid? I think it's more like Ms. Church is taking lessons from Tara. Actually, Tara is no where as slutty as this girl. Tara is just a drunk with fake boobs, but Charlotte is a rich young girl prancing around in a bikini letting her man paw at her non-stop. Which is worse?" (The photos accompanying that post show Charlotte Church hooking up...with her own boyfriend. Wow, what a slut.)

So you might want to let the PopSugar writers know about the word slut being potentially offensive, since they're obviously not aware. Unless maybe it's only 'offensive' when women try to claim the word, own it and redefine it for themselves, and not offensive when it's being used to tear down celebrities.

Also, just as an aside, BuzzSugar mentions a blog called The Music Slut all the time. Doesn't seem like anybody is offended by that.

You also might want to take a look at a group I found called I hate Hoochies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The word slut appears over and over (along with other terms like “skank” and “dumb ho”). The group seems to be dedicated to insulting female celebrities who are too slutty in the opinions of the group members. I guess that doesn’t qualify as offensive to anybody.

And here's a couple of polls that I found:

WHAT KIND OF "SLUT" ARE YOU? and Why are people sluts?

When I was looking around I also noticed several blogs (here, here, and here) from people who were upset about the negativity on the site, both in terms of the nasty comments made about celebrities and also of members insulting and abusing and harassing each other.

I think a lot of this stuff could be considered bigger problems and a lot more offensive than EvilSlutopia as a username, but that's just me. It might also help to have a little consistency, cause it seems a little weird that calling myself a slut is offensive, but calling any female celebrity I want a slut, skank, ho-bag, or whatever is totally fine. But it's cool. It's your playground. Thanks anyway!

We're guessing they won't be inviting us to write a blog called SlutSugar any time soon. Really, we weren't so bothered by the fact that they asked us to change our name at first. And if the site had been so incredibly awesome that we felt we'd be missing out if we weren't a part of it, we might have considered it, but it's not so we didn't. After looking around the site, we were bothered by the hypocrisy of the request, since the site obviously doesn't practice what our buddy team was preaching. We've learned a valuable lesson though, so if we ever go back we'll be sure to register with a fun, friendly, happy, inoffensive name. We're torn between IHateHoochies and ParisSlutsItUp.

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Anonymous Slut! said...

Wow. What hypocrites. Looks like I won't be joining THAT site anytime soon! :-D

ShoeWhore said...

Stay far away from Twitter. I don't want to have to hurt anyone.


sugarless said...

Apparently it's ok for the Sugarstaff to write about sluts too. hhhmmmmmm.