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June 10, 2008

Jenny's Journey

We received a comment on our second Gardasil entry Ten Things You Might Not Know About Gardasil and wanted to pass it on so all of our readers can see it and hopefully help...

The 11th thing that people may want to know is at


If anyone knows of ANY cases that are comparable to this suspected Gardasil reaction, PLEASE contact the family before time runs out for Jenny.
Apparently Jenny is a 14 year old with rapidly progressing paralysis. Over the last year she has gone from being fully healthy to having very minimal motor ability. Her family is looking for other people with similar symptoms in an effort to to find an effective method of treatment.

(Some doctors suspect that the HPV vaccination she received in 2007 may be linked to her paralysis, although they are still trying to determine a specific cause).

For more information on Jenny's medical history: http://www.jentet.com/pub_history.html

To contact her family with helpful information: jenjensfamily@gmail.com

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