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July 26, 2008

What's with all the gayness?

Someone recently asked us this question. "What's with all the gayness?" Obviously not a regular reader, this person had looked at our blog briefly and noticed several posts dealing with 'gay issues'. This person couldn't understand why we would devote so much time to The Gayness unless we were gay or bisexual ourselves. Currently none of the members of the ESC are lesbians, although we're generally not all that big on labels and I'm sure that we're not all at the same exact point on the sexuality continuum.

Of course, our sexual orientation hardly even matters in this case. To us, this question, "what's with all the gayness?" is like saying "hey why do you write so much about people?" We write about women's issues a lot, because we're women and it's what we know best and we're passionate about it. (There are other subjects that we know very well, like 80s dance movies for example, but we can't write about Fast Forward every day.) But we also believe that women's issues aren't just about women, because women's rights are human rights and what affects women affects everyone. The same principles apply to gay rights. (And civil rights and the rights of disabled people, etc.) We think that this is just common sense. Equality, justice, fairness, the pursuit of happiness and rainbows and unicorns - what good is fighting for all that shit just for myself, while others are excluded?

One of the things that Evil Slutopia is about is the freedom to be who you are and not let other people define your terms for you or tell you what categories you should fit yourself into, so LGBT issues are a pretty natural fit for us. And we admit it, pointing out the endless hypocrisy and idiocy of anti-gay people and groups is also totally fun in addition to being necessary, because they say and do so many laughable things. (Exhibit A: depicting Ronald McDonald as some kind of gay terrorist.) So in a society where people will casually use the words 'gay' and 'stupid' and 'retarded' interchangeably, of course we talk about gay rights and the rights of other groups, even if we don't all necessarily fit into all of those groups. We just can't relate to the idea that only gay people should talk about gay rights. If everyone thought that way, nothing would ever change.

Sure, our blog's not going to change the world. But we're not going to shut up either. So if you think that speaking out about gay rights is a "strange" thing for us to spend our time on...well, then we think you're the one who has some explaining to do. We're going to continue to be totally gay and proud of it.

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1 comment:

Dollface said...

Kudos for discussing a relevant issue, regardless of your sexual orientation. Seems like whoever commented on your blog so carelessly could benefit from reading more of it!