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August 14, 2008

Broke to School

I wanted to take a moment away from our ranting about the Olympics and Viagra and all that, to talk about how broke I am. I am very broke. Blogging is not as glamorous and profitable as it looks (heh). While we have a lot of readers, we're not exactly going to be quitting our day jobs and raking in the dough from a cushy book deal (hint hint) any time soon. This month is one of the hardest months for me, because as a mother, I have to shell out the big bucks for back-to-school supplies!

Today someone sent me an email about Savings.com, raving about how great it is and asking the ESC to pass that information on. Apparently, Savings.com is a "leading online coupon destination bringing savings to people when and where they need it". Well, I need it here and now. Actually, I needed it then and there, but whatever, the time is now. I'm typically skeptical about sites that offer free online couples, discounts, promotional codes, and really great deals... (oh and free shipping). So I decided to do a little investigation before declaring it as "great".

They have their own little "Back to School" section... I was a little concerned at first when I saw that the first link was for... Hot Topic. I guess some kids really need fingerless gloves and ripped fishnets for September. Buy 3/get 3 free panties from Limited Too? Aren't they the ones that were selling kiddie-sized thongs. I was not yet convinced. But as I kept looking, it got a little better.

10% off on backpacks from Overstock? That I can use! 15% discount on children's shoes? Yes, please. Save $400 on a customized HP Pavillion Notebook computer? Well, my kid is too young for that but I want one!! They also have great deals for other stuff like Verizon Wireless and Beauty.com, because we all know you don't have to be a parent to worry about money.

Maybe Savings.com isn't the best option for everyone, but I think I'll probably be taking advantage of some of their free coupons and discounts. No actual "raving" about how great it is... (when have you ever really known us to "rave"?) but saved money is saved money. Every dollar I save, is just more time I can afford to spend on our totally not-profitable blog. And isn't that important!?

Or.... you could all just start paying us to do this? Yeah, well it was worth a shot.

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Dollface said...

Thanks for the link...Harlequin and I are moving into a new apartment this semester & need cleaning supplies, dishware, etc. We could definitely use some of those coupons...

Harlequin said...

ugh god i am so broke. i don't even know what else to say about it besides the fact that it sucks. it's a good thing i like to live cheaply, i actually hate money. but it's a necessary evil.