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August 15, 2008

Bust 15th Anniversary Party

On Tuesday the ESC attended the Bust Magazine 15th Anniversary Celebration party at Spiegelword (South Street Seaport), NYC.

is one of our favorite magazines over here at Evil Slutopia... and we love any good party full of sexy ladies. The party was really cool, there isn't really that much to say in terms of a 'write-up' so we'll just give you a list of Good Things/Bad Things about the Bustie party.

Good Thing: Free subscription to Bust magazine! Free gift bags full of awesome goodies (including a Babeland silver bullet, yowza)! Free cupcakes from BabyCakes! Who doesn't like free stuff... especially free cupcakes!?

Bad Thing: Lots and lots of standing around and waiting in line. Not that much fun. Although it's always better with a good drink and a cupcake.

Good Thing: Lots of awesome Bustie ladies and other cool people!

Bad Thing: Lots of rude people pushing, not saying 'excuse me', and blowing smoke in our faces.

Good Thing: South Street Seaport is beautiful, especially at night. New Yorkers rarely get to experience the beauty of all the touristy attractions in Manhattan, so it was nice to get a chance to view the bridge at night, etc.

Bad Thing: South Street Seaport is yucky in the rain. It stopped raining just as we exited the subway, but it was still gross and wet all over. And if you've ever been to that part of the city, you know that it's all boardwalk, cobblestone, and other random types of 'ground' that make walking around even more slippery!

Good Thing: Well... just about everything else! Happy Anniversary Bust!

Bonus Good Thing: Supporting a women's magazine that recognizes that we might occasionally like to read about something other than $10,000 purses, the hot new diet that we simply must try and the beauty products that we must buy so that we can be as perfect as airbrushed and photoshopped models, and the same recycled "tips" on how to please your man.

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