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August 10, 2008

Fatal Attraction?

From Media Matters comes this charming quote - on CNN Election Center, radio host Lars Larson compared Hillary Clinton to Glenn Close's character from Fatal Attraction.

MILBANK: You know, to Obama, this must really look like some sort of a poltergeist. Each time he thinks he's finally finished off Hillary Clinton, she keeps coming back.

LARSON: I've got to tell you, he's thinking of the movie Poltergeist, I'm thinking of Fatal Attraction. And I'm waiting to find out when the bunny turns up in the stew pot.
Nice to know that CNN is happy to provide a forum for stupid meaningless sexist commentary. And it doesn't even have to make sense! If this level of intelligence and maturity is all that's required to be able to give your opinion on CNN, maybe next week we can go on to talk about how much John McCain reminds us of the Cryptkeeper.


Harlequin said...

i don't know if i would say i am a die-hard supporter of hillary clinton, but i do respect her. i am sick of people pulling their sexist bullshit on her because it has been completely unwarranted. if anything she is conforming to how she is supposed to live in a man's world...

and i like glenn close's character in fatal attraction. michael douglas was a jerk. and he is in real life (aka leaving his wife for catherine zeta jones)...just my humble opinion that he fit that role so well for a reason.


Jezebel said...

The other funny thing about this is that Dana Milbank is just talking about the concept of a poltergeist in general, not Poltergeist the movie. But it's pretty clear that Larson was really not all that worried about making sense, he just wanted to make his lame sexist joke.