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August 13, 2008

Faux-Celebrity Sighting

We'll write about last night's event when we're a little less tired... but we just felt like mentioning this part first.

Kathy Griffin says she's on the D-list but in reality she's higher up than that. Last night's faux-celebrity sighting probably does qualify as a D-list celebrity, seeing as her 'notoriety' is from a reality TV show (and not an insanely over-hyped one like Big Brother or Survivor or... Rock of Love, but one of those D-list reality TV shows that you probably didn't even know existed).

Maria Hurdle. Photo (c) CoyoteUglySaloon.com

That's right, we're talking about Coyote Ugly. Not the movie (sorry Tyra)... the CMT show The Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search (and also Inside the Real Coyote Ugly). Yeah I didn't know about those shows at first either. (Mainly because I don't typically watch the Country Music Television). I remember Maria from her work as an acting conservatory student back in the days and only knew about the show because of a mutual friend. Apparently now she's working at Coyote Ugly in NYC (among other places, obviously, seeing as we saw her bartending last night elsewhere) and her 'team' won the Season 2 contest.

Yeah, so it was pretty D-list as far as 'celebrity sightings' go... (although someday she may be a bonafide celebrity, seeing as she actually was a pretty good actress, hopefully she still has time to act in between dancing on bars and pouring drinks).

So why mention it at all? Because she's hot and some of our readers might appreciate that. Also because we were way too lazy to write about last night's event (the Bust 15th Anniversary Party) yet but we wanted to give you something. So enjoy:

Coyote Ugly is located on First Avenue (between 9th and 10th Streets) in New York City.
(For other locations: CoyoteUglySaloon.com)

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