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August 16, 2008

Halloween in August?

You may have heard of 'Christmas in July'... today we're going to discuss Halloween in August. Why? Because August is about when we must start planning/preparing for our Halloween costumes. That may sound a bit premature, but not when you're a Halloween freak! I love Halloween with a passion... it is my favorite holiday (when else can you combine dressing up silly + free candy?!) Plus it always give an opportunity to flex our 'creative muscles' and get a little bit crafty.

Our costume ideas typically take a long time to come up with and then even longer to make. So starting in August isn't such a bad idea. Because we love Halloween so much, we're willing to put in a lot of effort to make sure our costumes (or party!) is the best it can possibly be. Often that includes shopping for ridiculous items at a number of random bizarre places*. So for your mocking pleasure, we have provided a list of various moments in our shopping histories...

Of course, we usually start with the obvious places... like Party City or Ricky's or even (shudder) Hot Topic... and then arts and crafts shops like Michael's.

But eventually you find yourself shopping in a place you might not have anticipated, like... a garden center or electronics shop or hardware store or, um... you know... the 'naughty store'. It's a little embarrassing shopping in a children's clothing store when you're not shopping for a child or a pet shop when you don't have a pet.

*All listings courtesy of the local.com search engine.

Some random things we have purchased for use with a Halloween costume or event:

I bet you're all wondering what costumes we could have possibly come up with based on the above items. Yeah, we're not telling. Let's just say that we're awesome and leave it at that. (Someday we may reveal all of our secrets, but today will not be the day).

We're not quite sure what we'd like to be for Halloween yet this October, but the way we're working... we're running out of time to decide! So please write in with any suggestions! (Unlike our 'happy' couple from I Read While He Plays Video Games, we do not think that group costumes are lame but they're not required either).

Happy Halloween... um... in August! Good luck with your shopping and searching!

1 comment:

Harlequin said...

oh my gosh i am obsessed with halloween as well. i think i got it from my mother - she used to decorate EVERYTHING and have a haunted house every year, people even walked through the backyard and the woods! once she found a dead decayed frog in the driveway and she actually brought it inside and used it as a prop...most people find that gross, understandably, but i think it's hilarious.

anyways i have started to brainstorm for costume ideas too...i love to come up with my own and i try to be original...it's pretty hard though. last year i was alice in wonderland on acid and it turned out to be pretty difficult to make the costume. this year i am still thinking....i have a couple of ideas but i am still thinking pretty hard. a get a lot of random ideas for costume items from the movie "party monster" so if you haven't seen it, i would check it out!

also i love the wig. i have always wanted to get one, they are just so damn expensive!