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August 26, 2008

Olympic Women In Pictures

Guo Jingjing - China - Diving
[Photos from Yahoo]

Nastia Liukin & Shawn Johnson - USA - Artistic Gymnastics
[Photos from Yahoo]

Samia Yusuf Omar - Somalia - Track & Field
[Samia was one of two athletes and the only woman to represent Somalia in the Olympics. Photo and story on Yahoo.]

Evgeniya Kanaeva - Russia - Rhythmic Gymnastics

[Image from Getty Images via Jezebel]

Natalie Du Toit - South Africa - 10k Open Water Swim
[photo from Yahoo]

Aleksandra Fedoriva of Russia and Roqaya al-Gassra of Bahrain - Track & Field [More on Roqaya al-Gassra and the growing numbers of women in the Olympics from the Wall Street Journal]

Debbie Phelps, mother of 8-time Beijing gold medalist Michael Phelps

[Photo from the Baltimore Sun]

Team USA - Basketball
[The American women have won four straight basketball gold medals. Photo from Yahoo.]

Constantina Tomescu-Dita - Romania - Marathon

[Tomescu-Dita won the gold medal in the marathon. She also happens to be a 38 year old mother. Photo from the L.A. Times.]

Elena Isinbaeva - Russia - Pole Vault
[Photo from China Daily]

Susann Steiner, wife of gold medal winning weightlifter Matthias Steiner of Germany. Susann died in a car accident last year, and Matthias said "I won this for her". [Image and story from Fox Sports]

Kerri Walsh & Misty May-Treanor - USA - Beach Volleyball
[Photo from Yahoo]

Jiang Tingting and Jiang Wenwen - Synchronized Swimmers (and twin sisters) from China
[Photos from Yahoo]

Team USA - Women's Eight Rowing
[Photo from AP via Yahoo]

Team Germany - Equestrian (Dressage)
[Photo from Reuters via Yahoo]

Team Japan, Team USA, and Team Australia - medalists in softball's last appearance as an Olympic sport until at least 2016

[Photo from Reuters via Yahoo]

This space reserved for the first woman to represent Saudi Arabia in the Olympics.


Susan said...

So much respect for all of these women....thank you for doing this tribute!

Anonymous said...

That was very moving, just to see those pics all together.