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August 9, 2008

The Olympics: Questions to Ponder

We enjoy the Olympics. Lots of fun events to watch, some of them involving half-naked muscled dudes, a long and fascinating history, and lots of important questions to ponder.

For example...

Men's Beach Volleyball

Women's Beach Volleyball

So, the women have to wear the tiny little ill-fitting up the butt bikinis instead of the baggy comfy shorts and t-shirts because...?

Maybe constant wedgies help them focus. Or something. We're sure there's a logical explanation.


Chiquita said...

Ok, really, really truly: Chiquita used to play varsity volleyball. Right about the time she had a run-in with the coach and quit the team, they were picking out uniforms for the next year, and the school was going to let us wipe the floor in tight-fitting racer-back tank tops and bikini bottoms.

And we were going to go for that, just 'cause it was annoying hiking up the shorts to show off our legs.

Renee said...

You know I was wondering just that I was watching George Bush get a too close to one of the Olympians..There is no need for a different uniform between the men and women in this sport. Those little bikinis are worn to once again profit on womens bodies. We are always on display..I see no reason to gender sports in this manner,

Harlequin said...

well i am all for just making the guy adopt the women's uniform....yes?