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August 29, 2008

Totally Scary/Cool Technology Update: Spy Phone!

The Internet is an amazing place... You can find anything on the Internet and sometimes you're surprised by what you found.

We recently came across a blog about the Phone-007 (that's really what it's called) and man, we're so tempted to buy one. Of course, we don't currently have a pressing need to bug anyone at the moment... but it's just so simultaneously awesome and terrifying, that we still sorta want one

Phone-007 is described on its website as a "spy phone", which paired with its James Bond inspired name, sounds pretty cool. But it's also kinda creepy, as most "pretty cool" things are...

Apparently, it's a phone with a built-in recording system that can record not only entire phone conversations, but also conversations and other sounds happening in the room where the phone is kept. It looks just like a regular telephone; in fact, it looks eerily similar to the phone they had at my last place of employment. (No wonder I never got that raise I wanted). You can secretly eavesdrop from another phone, playback phone conversations online, and even get a detailed call log. It will even email or text you every time a call is made from the Phone 007.

There are so many uses for this phone... some of them slightly more disturbing than others. The main uses given on the purplegoods.com website include catching a cheating spouse, controlling your dishonest teenager (or unruly employee), and long distance baby monitoring. (No, they're not suggesting you leave your baby home alone with just a spy phone... but it's a nice way to check in on your baby without going upstairs or to keep tabs on a nanny while you're gone).

But it occurred to us that there are even more ways to use it that purple goods might not have even thought of...

  • Victim of prank calls? Got a stalker? Someone violating a restraining order? Your ex getting offensive during a nasty divorce or custody battle? You don't need a spy phone to have a record that an "undesirable" is calling you... the phone company can handle that. But wouldn't it be nice to have proof of what they're saying?
  • You know how when you call a customer service line, they often say "this call may be recorded for quality assurance?" Ever time a customer service representative has done something wrong (such as giving me incorrect info or being extremely rude) they claim there's no record of it. Apparently they only tape the calls where I'm wrong? With the Phone-007 you can prove that your operator really did tell you that you had an extra thirty days to pay that bill or that they really did guarantee that your new copy of Rock of Love: Season 1 DVD would arrive by Friday.
  • On a similar note... did you forget the name of the operator you were talking to? Didn't have a pen to write down an important message or a shopping list your significant other just gave you? Are you one of those people who forgets important details of conversations immediately after hanging up? (Yeah, that's me). Purple goods can have all that information stored online for you and you can call in/log on to access it when you need it.
  • Doing research or a phone interview? Don't worry about taking notes or dealing with clumsy tape recorders... call your interview subject from the Phone 007 and the entire conversation will be recorded for you to refer back to when you're ready to write up the article. (This one may not apply to everyone out there, but it works for us!)
I think the ESC might just have to pick one of these babies up for our future office. (Oh and don't even get us started on our future office. It's been pre-decorated in our minds for years now. The amount of things we've bought for our non-existent "office" is really truly pathetic). But if any future boyfriends are reading this... um, we'll never call you from the Phone-007. Because, um, we like totally trust you. No, we really do.

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1 comment:

Jessica said...

definitely creepy/cool. if I had one I'd think it was cool but if I found out someone else did I'd probably be creeped out.