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August 31, 2008

A tribute to puppies.

So I think I'm going to finally get a pet. I've already started using it as a bargaining tool to get my kid to behave (school is starting and that homework isn't going to do itself!) Now obviously, we're going to get a dog because dogs are awesome and everyone loves dogs.

Or not...

Now Jezebel and I don't disagree on that many things. So far, pretty much the only things we've disagreed on are Olympic gymnastics (I'm Team Nastia and she's a Shawn girl all the way) and reality TV (it's mainly about Megan from I Love Money/Rock of Love but we've had some words about Julie vs. Coral from the Real World challenges as well). So of course, you can understand my dismay at the fact that Jezebel is a... cat person.

She has a pet cat and is allergic to dogs! It's really not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. It's not as though I have to actually interact with her cat, so I'd be sure to keep my new puppy out of her way when I finally get it... (plus I'm looking for one that's relatively hypoallergenic anyway). But it always is kind of shocking for me to realize that we don't agree on certain things.

Cat people and dog people are very different, mainly because cats and dogs are so different... It's sort of like that whole pirates vs. ninjas debate. (Dogs are obviously pirates and cats are ninjas... And if you disagree, then you're just crazy). I'm just really not into cats. They just seem so snobby and distant. They scratch things! And they pee in a box. I mean who does that? I much prefer dogs. Dogs totally have better pet toys than any other animal. They've got more choices of bling (you know, on their collars). And try getting one of these cute flotation vests on a cat! (No really, try, I'd love to see that). Either that or one of the cute little doggie raincoats!

Yeah so dogs are better than cats. Let the hate mail begin! (Don't worry, I'm sure Jezebel will get back at me sooner or later and write a tribute to kittens).

All links to pet shopping guides courtesy of shopwiki.com. I'm about to become obsessed with that site as the answer to all my pet shopping needs... (seeing as Jezebel is going to be no help to me and my only other doggie experience was, um, less than ideal). Not only did I find everything for sale on the web, but their guides really helped me know what to look for in the first place. Okay, my little endorsement is over now, haha. All adorable puppy photos courtesy of cuteoverload.com. I've already been obsessed with that site for years.

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1 comment:

Chiquita said...

Also, try www.sitstay.com for more puppy/dog gear. You can even get gear for your service animal!