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September 1, 2008

Dumb Things Guys Say: Sarah Palin Edition

Sarah Palin has talked a lot in the last week about how "the women of America aren't done" and how voting for a McCain/Palin ticket would shatter the ultimate glass ceiling "once and for all". Well, here's one example of the woman who is asking for our support being slightly less than supportive of a fellow female politician, State Senate President Lyda Green, during an appearance on a radio show.

[Audio clip from Huffington Post. The full interview can be heard here.]

If you can't listen to the clip, please enjoy:

Part 1:
DJ: Does Lyda have children?

Governor Palin: She has three kids.

DJ: Does she like them?

Governor Palin: [laughs]

DJ: I mean, this woman, she is, I'm tellin' ya, and I know you can't say it, Governor Palin. I know you can't, but we can. She is a cancer, and she is nothing but a very jealous woman.

Part 2:
DJ: Well I'm going to say what I wish you could say. Lyda Green is a bitch...

Governor Palin: [laughs again]

DJ: ...and she needs to go away, because she is a cancer on the progress of the state of Alaska.

Part 3:
DJ: If Lyda Green's seat is empty, fly me down, because I know it's gotta be a big cushy one.

Governor Palin: [more laughter!]

DJ: I would be honored to sit and listen to you give your state of the state address. Anytime that you think that there's going to be some open seats, if you'd like to have Mark and I come down and listen to you talk, we would do that any day of the week. We would be honored.

Governor Palin: We'd be honored to have you guys.

Yeah, I'm always "honored" to be in the presence of guys who think that it's acceptable and funny to refer to a woman as a fat jealous bitch and a cancer. And what makes the DJs comments about Lyda Green being a "cancer" even classier? Ms. Green is a cancer survivor. Charming.

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