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September 22, 2008

I'm Never Leaving the House Again

Okay, so we thought the spy phone was creepy and stalkerish enough, but then we found this GPS Tracking website. Wow. It is the ultimate source for all your stalking needs. They don't just deal with general vehicle, they sell full-on spy gear and even have subsections on their website for 'teen tracking' and 'spouse tracking'.

In addition to the actual GPS tracking systems available on the website, you can also purchase keyloggers for the computer, phone taps, a cell phone spy data extractor (that can even read deleted text messages), mini/hidden cameras, a super-cool voice changer, drug testing kits, sex kits (basically they test for semen), a portable lie detector, lock-picking tools, actual spy sunglasses (!!!) and even x-ray spray (no really, it lets you see through paper, sweet!) Oh and of course, they have a bug detector, in case one of your enemies also shops there.

For the record, they do have some semi-normal stuff, like alarm systems, safes, baby monitors, test-kits to avoid lead poisoning, self-defense tools (okay, I guess having your own taser isn't that normal) and some pretty cool emergency survival kits that you hope you'll never ever need... but the creepy stuff is so much more fun to talk about.

I'm not sure how I feel about tracking - or otherwise spying on - my loved ones. It feels sort of lousy to have such a lack of trust in someone that you would need to go to such extreme measures. We already know that it's become common to microchip household pets, but it's still a little scary to think of bugging your kids or your significant other. Personally, I think if your relationship has gotten to the point where you need to tap their phone and GPS their car in order to trust them, then there's something wrong besides just infidelity. However, I can think of some legitimate uses for these products. For instance, if you know your spouse is cheating but just need evidence for divorce proceedings... that makes a little more sense.

Also, the website has it's own section on Child Safety. In this day and age, it's scary to let your kids play outside unsupervised or accompany you to a busy, crowded public place. I can see how a small wearable tracking device would put a parent's mind at ease, especially if you're dealing with children who are prone to wandering off. Actually, I recently heard about the parents of an autistic child (who was prone to running away) using a similar locator, worn on the child's wrist. According to the website, their device can also be used by the child as a panic button in case of emergency.

Additionally, I could see using such a device for an elderly or senile family member. And having a GPS tracking system in the vehicle of your elderly (or teenage) family member, can also be an extra safety measure. I think it's completely acceptable to track a company car and while I'm a little uncomfortable with the idea of infiltrating an employee's email or phone usage, I think it's fair to expect your workers not to be dealing with personal matters or inappropriate behavior while on the clock.

I don't really approve of parents going through their children's belongings, but if they do find an unusual substance, I suppose it's nice to be able to determine whether or not it is drugs by using one of the drug testing kits. I can also see how a kit like that would be helpful to someone who purchased an illegal drugs and wants to protect themselves by making sure they got what they think they got. One drug test that I noticed was missing from their website (but that the ESC would like to recommend) is a portable test for date rape drugs, such as rohypnol. I know I would feel much better being served a drink at a crowded bar or party if I could ensure that it wasn't spiked with something else.

While I can definitely see some realistic (and also unrealistic) applications for these products, it still scares me a little bit to think of anyone uses them on me. Knowing that for a few hundred dollars someone could track where I'm going, who I'm talking to (and more importantly, what I'm saying), if I'm lying, and whether or not I've taken drugs or had sex... it just makes me afraid to ever again have sex, or have a conversation, or even type ever again. So on that note, I better get offline... of course, I'm scared to leave the house too, so I'll probably just sit around silently, in the dark.

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bernthis said...

Found you through the gal at glossedover.com. What a creepy website and yet, tempting. LOL I love your site. Would love to crosslink with you if that is okay.