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September 28, 2008

The Joe Biden Feminism Watch

Sexism watching has been a popular pastime during this election, partly because there has been no shortage of material. Hillary Clinton sexism watches, Michelle Obama racism/sexism watches, and now the Sarah Palin sexism watch. With the VP debate between Palin and Senator Joe Biden coming up later this week, we thought we'd turn the tables a little and start a Joe Biden Feminism Watch, with some highlights of Biden's record on feminist issues and some coverage of what he's been saying to and about women on the campaign trail.

To kick it off, here's a clip from the Women's Rally For Change in Sterling, VA, where Senator Biden introduced the women in his life and went on to talk about the problems women are facing in this country today.

"You can tell whether or not a man was raised with and surrounded by strong women...The women in my life have been strong and independent and tough and they have been people who when everything gets down - and we've gone through, like all of you, some tough times - there's more backbone in the crowd you just saw than in any 40 men I've hung out with. So I just want you to know, all kidding aside, it's a big deal."

"When the economy goes south, who are the first people who get hurt the most? It's women."

"[The Violence Against Women Act] was not only morally right, it was necessary." (John McCain voted against it.)

Biden also points out that McCain has voted several times against raising the minimum wage. The majority of workers earning the minimum wage are women, and if it was as low as McCain wanted it to be it would be pretty damn hard to live or successfully raise a family. Well, except that it's already pretty damn hard, so it would be more like impossible.

"Let me tell you what we value. We value the right of women to be protected in their own homes against abuse. We value a Supreme Court that recognizes the right to privacy. We value equal pay for equal work. We value a minimum wage that allows people to at least get by to the next day. We value a family, which means that we value people getting paid leave to care for their sick child, to be able to go to the parent/teacher meeting. I love these guys who say 'take more responsibility'. How do you get to your parent/teacher meeting in the middle of the day? How do you show up, like when my son, when I was a single parent, and they called and said he dislocated his hip? Guess what, I showed up on the playground, because I had no boss. But what would happen if I worked for a large corporation? What would happen if I worked for a small business? I wouldn't have been able to go. So don't tell me about what you value, John. Tell me about what you're going to do about what you value."

You can keep up with Senator Biden on the campaign trail by following Joe Biden News on Twitter or checking out the official Obama/Biden campaign YouTube channel. And we'll have new installments of the Joe Biden Feminism Watch all week.

1 comment:

ihatestupid said...

I HEART JOE BIDEN - and I heart you guys!!

To any man compassionate enough to say 'take more responsibility' - I say FUCK YOU!!!! Children are not all born of emaculate conception, which means a man had a part in their appearance.

I don't have hard statistics here, but my guess, women bear the majority of the care when it comes to children. We carry them to term, nurse them, run around taking them to this, that and the other thing - and then get told 'take more responsibility' when someone needs to be home to take care of them. Please explain to me how that's possible??

Sorry we can't all have nanny's like the rich.

I LOVE how the Republicans bitch and moan about 'family values' and try to force everyone to abide by their moral code and yet when it comes to compassion and doing what would, to any sane human being be the right thing to do... they spout shit about socialism and programs & someone else taking responsiblity.

Very easy to do from your ivory towers assholes... make sure you don't trip on the bones of the people you've broken on your way to the top of the heap. By the way... I tend to doubt Jesus was Republican... douche bags!