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September 10, 2008

A Note From The Community

Dear Sarah and Rudy,

In response to your comments about Barack Obama and community organizers in general: You're wrong and you suck.

Fuck off, haters.


the Evil Slut Clique

PS: Show your support for your community organizers with a t-shirt or other item from our newest cafepress stores...

(Click on images for more items)

We will probably have more "election-themed" t-shirts (and more on community organizers) between now and November, so stay tuned.

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annie said...

Oh my God the baby onesie is so cute!! I have to get that for my future community organizer!


M.R.Ambrose said...

Hahaha...these are so silly. That term will never have the same meaning again.
oh!press pass

Dollface said...

I agree. I <3 Community Organizers!! (love the t-shirts...)