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September 20, 2008

The Post thinks Dog Shit is Front Page News!

The New York Post is complete... crap.

Normally I do not allow the New York Post in my home, but today I had a guest at lunch and he had brought over a copy. It's not as though I had ever given the Post any sort of credit as a legitimate news source... but today they really reached a new low. One of their cover stories today was about P-Diddy stepping in dog shit. No, really. It was apparently important enough news, that it not only graced the cover but got a full page spread on page three! (Note, the other cover story, about the federal plan to save Wall Street, started on page four).

Since when is a celebrity stepping in doggie-dookie considered news? This of course, called for some text message commentary among evil sluts...

The New York Post is such garbage! The cover story is about PDiddy stepping in dog shit. For real. WTF?

I'm sure the soldiers dying in Iraq and the people losing their homes and jobs appreciate their dedication to real journalism.

What there wasn't something better to cover? There's an election, a war, lots of stuff going on with bills being passed, and financial institutions being bailed out...

Well a 'trillion dollar rescue' story shared the cover. Apparently the post thinks it is of equal importance to P Diddy stepping in dog shit.

It's like one cover representing everything that's wrong with the country.

Well both instances are the direct result of stupid Americans
This only confirms that the Post is not a paper, but a tabloid. I mean, even if this was an actual event that people wanted to read about, does anyone really want to view pictures of dog shit on the streets of Manhattan?

The article itself was just... ridiculous. And totally not news-worthy.

by David K. Li

You can call him Poop Diddy now!
Or maybe P. Doody?
Hip-hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs really stepped in it this week - literally.
Strolling alongside his hired muscle and fawning entourage, Combs didn't look down before he found himself sole-deep in a dog's leftovers on West 44th Street between Eighth and Ninth avenues.
Combs, carrying a CD in his left hand, couldn't believe his bad luck at the sight of his soiled gold-colored sneakers.
Diddy has a studio in the neighborhood, and office workers on the block rushed to their windows when they heard the booming car-stereo bass coming from the maestro's Jeep.
"He stepped right out the Jeep and right into it, and he wasn't happy," said a worker who witnessed the Diddy-on-doody incident. "It was hysterical."
Combs learned firsthand that not all New Yorkers are following Health Code Section 161.03 and Public Health Law Section 1310, which require everyone to pick up after their four-legged pals.
A violation is punishable by a fine of at least $100.
After spotting lensmen snapping photos of his embarrassing predicament, Combs asked them not to publish their shots.
It's been a rough few weeks for the hip-hop mogul. Diddy recently admitted that the country's economic downturn and high fuel prices have grounded his private jet.
Shockingly, Diddy has been forced to roll on commercial flights.

(After reading the article, I don't feel so bad for Diddy. Poor guy can't fly his private jet. Boo hoo, poor baby. Meanwhile people are losing their fucking houses, you Post-assholes).

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