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September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin: Celebrity?

By now I think we've all heard John McCain call Barack Obama a "celebrity". There's no specific reason for this that we can determine, except that Obama's popular and lots of people like him. (What a jerk.) He's even compared Obama to Britney and Paris. Well, we hate to break it to Senator McCain, but we think he might have made a big mistake and accidentally chosen a "celebrity" running mate.

A few key pieces of evidence:

~Hmmm. A history with beauty pageants. Likes guns. Public service job that involves people's security. What is this, Miss Congeniality 3?

~She's been profiled in Vogue, and People magazine has already reported on what kind of designer shoes she likes to wear to work. Can a guest spot on Gossip Girl be far behind?

~Her kids are named Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, and Trig. Sounds like they'd get along great with Apple, Suri, Sunday Rose, and Zuma, doesn't it? She's also been the target of her very own baby bump watch with the rumors that circulated about the circumstances around Trig's birth...but it turned out to be more of a Lynne Spears sort of thing.

We'll keep monitoring the situation, but you should probably keep an eye on your running mate, Senator McCain. If you catch her listening to Rihanna or talking about appearing on SNL (she's obviously a Tina Fey fan), you might want to give Mitt Romney a call.

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tom luffman said...

You have to help http://www.brittanypoullath.com/ out. I really think she means well, she's just young. She wrote this on her blog, "No matter how long I live I will never understand feminists. I’m not talking about the women who want to be respected by men, because even I want that, I’m talking about the women who constantly put men down. I constantly hear women complaining about men and often use words like “pig,” or “man-chauvinistic-pig,” “Jerk,” “pervert,” and “sex addict.” You get the point."

You can take it from here.



Anne said...

She is kinda Sandra Bullockish.