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October 30, 2008

Real Women Respond to Palin

The Real Women Respond to Palin Webathon is going on today at womenrespondtopalin.com. It started at 1pm and will continue until 9pm (EST). From the webathon: "Join us on October 30th, 2008, when performers from all walks of life (unknown and celebrity) will lend their voice and human presence to the thousands of women across America who responded to Lyra and Quinn’s letter across America by reading their comments LIVE." Check it out at the link above or below.

October 29, 2008

Vote NO!!!

This election season, three states have proposed legislation that would make same-sex marriage illegal.

Earlier this year, the California Supreme Court unequivocally held that same-sex couples have a right to marry under the California Constitution. Proposition 8 wants to amend the California Constitution to remove this right. You may have already seen some celebrity ads against Proposition 8 in California, but you may not be aware of or fully understand the similar propositions in your own hometown! Proposition 102 in Arizona and Amendment 2 in Florida also seek to make same-sex marriage illegal in those states.

If you live in California, Arizona, or Florida... the ESC is asking you to please vote NO on these propositions. No matter what your sexual orientation is and no matter how you personally feel about marriage, it is WRONG to deny fundamental rights. Vote NO.

Proposition 8 wants to add to the California Constitution:
"only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California"

Same-sex marriage is already illegal in Arizona, but Proposition 102 would make this unable to be changed by either the state legislature or the state judiciary.

The text of Proposition 102 states:
"Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state"

Amendment 2 states:
"Inasmuch as marriage is the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife, no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized."


In case you haven't gotten the message, here are some videos- both silly and serious, both funny and moving - to really drill this information into you:

And while you're voting NO, please vote for Obama/Biden too... We already know how horrible McCain and Palin would be for the GLBT community (and well, practically every other community).

Today is Write to Marry Day, so go to their website to check out what other people have to say about Prop 8, etc.

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October 28, 2008

Last Chance!!!!

It's your last chance to buy election-themed items before Tuesday... (and it's our last chance to shamelessly promote them). Here are some of our recent political products... The images here are just a sampling of items available, click on an image for more of each design.

Sarah Palin may be a woman, but she is not pro-woman and she is definitely not a feminist. Obama/Biden's policies are much more female-friendly than those of McCain/Palin. Joe Biden is more of a feminist than Sarah Palin is & has done more for women. The best vote for women is NOT to vote for "the woman".

You can't just trade one female candidate for another. Sarah Palin is NOT Hillary Clinton. Sarah Palin is NOT good for women. The best vote for women is not to vote for "the woman", but to vote for Obama/Biden. Vote with your brain, not your vagina. If you supported Hillary Clinton, then you should vote for Barack Obama in 2008. Maybe you'll get to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2012.

You can put lipstick on Sarah Palin, but I'm still not voting for her. Dress this campaign up however you like... but McCain/Palin are still bad for America.

In response to Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani's comments about Barack Obama and community organizers in general... they're wrong and they suck. We think community organizers are important so we're showing them some love.

Sarah Palin misquoted Madeleine Albright... apparently she thinks we're all going to hell if we don't support her. Even though that's totally not what Madeleine Albright meant. I'd rather go to hell than support Palin!

See You In Hell, Sarah

Sarah Palin thinks we should teach Creationism in science classes. She may not believe in dinosaurs... but dinosaurs sure believe in Obama!

Vote for Obama Dinosaur

We're getting really sick of John McCain calling the American public "my friends". You're not my friend McCain! In fact, I denied your friend request on Myspace and Facebook!

John McCain is Not My Friend

I Denied John McCain's Friend Request (Myspace)

I Ignored John McCain's Friend Request (Facebook)

And of course, seeing as it's Halloween time... we can't forget about how scary a future of President McCain and Vice President Palin would be! Vote Obama/Biden... or else!

McCain/Palin: Now That's Just Scary

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Joe Biden Feminism Watch: The Biden Women

Joe Biden Feminism Watch #9

In a speech at the Women's Rally for Change in Virginia last month, Joe Biden introduced some of the women in his life and talked about being "surrounded by strong women". The November issue of Vogue has a profile of some of those strong Biden women, and an edited version of the piece is up on style.com.

You can check out the whole piece on style.com (or, if you're really dedicated, get the full version by buying the November Vogue), but here are a few highlights:

"Dr. Jill Biden—mother of three, political wife, college professor—exudes the confidence of a woman who has come into her own and is enjoying her moment."

"At the moment, CNN is setting up in the front yard to interview Valerie Biden Owens, Joe's younger sister, who has managed every campaign since his original Senate run in 1972. In the backyard, a Vogue crew is corralling all the other Biden women who are here today—granddaughters, sisters, daughters, wives, and mothers—for a portrait of the four generations of "The Women in Joe's Life." There are balloons on the floor from ten-year-old Finnegan's birthday party last night (she got her ears pierced), and the family's big golden Labradoodle, Brother, is running around with Finnegan's little sister, Maisy. There are hair dryers blowing; cell phones ringing; and Jill's staff all hover around in a near-constant state of alert-but-texting. All the while, Joe Biden's 91-year-old mother, Jean, known as Mom Mom, sits at the kitchen table, watching and smiling. "This house is always filled with family," says the Bidens' daughter-in-law Kathleen, mother of Finnegan, Maisy, and Naomi, who refers to the pool out back as "grandkid bait." "There are like 20 Bidens here, always. They have done a great job of creating this environment."'

"In 1980, [Jill] got pregnant with Ashley, but within two years she was itching to be more than just "the greatest mom." She went back to school and back to work and began her slow accumulation of degrees—five years in a psychiatric hospital teaching English to "middle-class kids who needed help," followed by a master's in English from Villanova, which overlapped with another three years of teaching at Claymont High School, which led to Delaware Technical and Community College and finally a doctorate in education from the University of Delaware.

All the while, she has remained a relatively nontraditional political wife, keeping out of the spotlight and campaigning only rarely, when Joe has really needed her. Though there are other political spouses who have big careers (Elizabeth Edwards comes to mind), they have sought the spotlight and approval from the electorate in a way that Jill Biden never has. As Valerie says of her sister-in-law, "She knows what matters, what's important. Every time she has needed to step up to the plate, she's done it, but with grace. There's nothing edgy or unpleasant about Jill—but she's not a pious little milquetoast. She's funny, she is fierce, she's irreverent. She's got a life! She's focused but not driven."'

"One day, Joe Biden calls me on the phone. He is in a car on his way to an event in Media, Pennsylvania, campaigning with the Obamas. "The real measure of strength and resolve is when someone does things that don't come naturally," he says. "But they do it because they think it's important. The thing about Jill that I find so amazing is that here's a woman who does not feel comfortable standing before a crowd of people and making a speech about presidential politics. But because it's me, and because she cares so much about it, that's exactly what she does. It would be like asking me to get up and sing, which I could never do. It's just amazing what she can do. I used to kid her when we first got married. She'd say, 'I don't think I can do this.' I would say, 'You remind me of a great sprinter who is running a 10.5-second 100 meters, and you're capable of running a 9.9. You have no idea how good you are!' I really mean that. It just absolutely blows me away." He pauses. "I'm obviously proud."'

October 27, 2008

An Uninspired Halloween

It's been very hard for us to focus on Halloween this year, because we've been so busy with Election drama. We're sure plenty of you are in the same position, so we thought we'd give you a few quick options for last minute costume ideas, etc...

For more great costumes:

Lowest Costume Prices - Guaranteed!

Also while you're here:

And for those of you who are just in it for the candy: Halloween Treats

Have a Happy Halloweenie!

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