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October 5, 2008

Are they for real?

What the...? Did you see this?

Is Usher's "Trading Places" Video Disrespectful To His Wife?

Posted Fri Oct 3, 2008 10:24am PDT by Billy Johnson, Jr.

A couple weeks ago, MediaTakeOut alleged that the love scenes in Usher's new video "Trading Places" were so steamy that some of his staffers were upset, claiming that the newly married man had taken it too far.An unnamed source reportedly described Usher's kisses with the video vixen as "disrespectful" to Tameka Foster, the superstar's wife and mother of his baby boy. Foster is rumored to be pregnant with the couple's second child.After watching the video directed by Chris Robinson, I'm now clear about what prompted the controversy.The song lyrics advocate intimate role reversal. Usher is telling his woman that he wants her to take charge romantically.The video offers endless examples.Usher and the leading lady enjoy extended romps on a bed, leather sofa and stair case. There is so little clothing worn in the video that there was no need for a stylist or wardrobe budget.Usher described the video as "very hot, very forward thinking." "This is kinda wishful thinking for all men," he told MTV, "to have a woman finally take control and compliment us the way we compliment them, whether it is taking us out to dinner or opening up the door."I wonder if Tameka felt disrespected. I doubt it. I would expect that a woman married to a man whose career is based on the appeal of his six-pack would not be fazed by this part of the job.This song and video will help bring some attention to Usher's Here I Stand, released in April. The album had been deemed a dud, despite making a solid debut with more than 400,000 album sales. I bet when Usher performs this song on tour he'll bring a female fan on stage at each venue. His 15-date One Night Stand tour kicks off on November 2 in Atlantic City and wraps on November 25 in Dallas.The adult subject matter will also give Usher a break from the comparisons to Chris Brown, the young new R&B teen pop dancing machine who stole Usher's formula.

What a fucking moron. Um, hello... it's call ACTING. Someone needs to teach these people about the concept.

Yeah, is every actor who does a love scene disrespecting their spouse? It would be the end of movies as we know it.

It's not even that hot! I mean, okay, it's kind of hot, but I've seen much hotter sex scenes. What are they getting all bent out of shape about?

I could maybe see if there was a storyline in the video that involved cheating somehow. But unless the song is called 'I love fucking chicks who aren't my wife' or something, it's stupid.

Maybe its a little sexist/degrading to women (MAYBE) but not disrespectful to his wife in particular.

Yeah, it's like this misses the real criticism, which is that so many videos really objectify women, to focus on this gossipy angle of 'ooh the drama between usher and his wife!'

If I want to watch a creepy, inappropriate video that doesn't turn me on... I'll just watch this one.

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