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October 1, 2008

Joe Biden Feminism Watch: How Do You Debate A Woman?

Joe Biden Feminism Watch #3

At a campaign event in Green Bay a few weeks ago, Joe Biden talked about how stupid it is that questions like "does Biden have to use a different approach to debate a female opponent?" and "should he tone it down so that he doesn't seem like a bully?" are even being asked. Sarah Palin ran a successful campaign for governor and John McCain believed her to be qualified enough to take on the role of vice president, so why would she need to be treated with kid gloves in a debate just because she's a woman?

(Of course, this silly line of questioning isn't limited just to Palin - last fall after a Democratic candidates debate, feminist icon Chris Matthews asked Senator Chris Dodd "do you find it difficult to debate a woman?", which I guess seems slightly less stupid now considering how much more successful Hillary Clinton's campaign was than Dodd's. Maybe he did find it difficult!)

"I think a lot of our Republican friends are kind of in a time warp, and I'm not being facetious...the issue is 'how do you debate a woman?', 'how do you do this?' Folks, it's 2008. There are an awful lot of very very accomplished women holding high public office that I debate and we beat up each other every day in the United States Senate. Try debating Barbara Mikulski. Try debating Barbara Boxer. Try debating Olympia Snowe. So the idea that somehow there's a woman and I'd go 'oh my God, I don't know how to deal with this' - I think the only people, only guys who think that way have never been around strong women. I mean, I've been raised by strong women."

We're so ready for tomorrow night.

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Anonymous said...

God I friggin love him. That is such an awesome response.

Bill said...

I don't think it's so much "How do you debate a woman?" as much as it's "How do you debate an imbecile?"

Two heavyweights can go at it regardless of gender, but beating up on a mental equivalent of a child is still something that draws sympathy from the watcher. I think Biden does have to watch his attacks, but not because Palin is a woman.

Dollface said...

Great post, ladies! I'm excited for tonight's debate.

@ Bill: If she's such an imbecile, why the hell should she be Vice President?? She made a choice to accept John McCain's nomination. She can withdraw from the race or she can stand up to public scrutiny.

Personally I think Joe will pulverize her, and I look forward to it. I think the American people need to see, once and for all, how transparently wrong Palin is for the job of VP.


If she's such an imbecile, why the hell should she be Vice President??

I think that's the point.

The Bush Democrat said...

I'm so glad Biden got that answer right, if only he were intending to take his own advice tonight and bring out the boxing gloves.

Sadly, I'm worried that he's going to "be nice to the little gal from Alaska."

Amanda Hess said...

Love the Biden feminism watch. Everyone as possible needs to know that Palin calling herself a "feminist" to Katie Couric is total bullshit and that she's facing an actual women's rights advocate who just happens to be a dude.

ceirdwenfc said...

I love Joe Biden. I also agree with what Bill said about her being an imbecile, and Joe Biden needing to be careful. I do think, though, that Bill has given her too much credit.

I saw the debate, and I love how Joe Biden managed to do well, and get her good, and did NOT roll his eyes, like I was doing at home.