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October 28, 2008

Last Chance!!!!

It's your last chance to buy election-themed items before Tuesday... (and it's our last chance to shamelessly promote them). Here are some of our recent political products... The images here are just a sampling of items available, click on an image for more of each design.

Sarah Palin may be a woman, but she is not pro-woman and she is definitely not a feminist. Obama/Biden's policies are much more female-friendly than those of McCain/Palin. Joe Biden is more of a feminist than Sarah Palin is & has done more for women. The best vote for women is NOT to vote for "the woman".

You can't just trade one female candidate for another. Sarah Palin is NOT Hillary Clinton. Sarah Palin is NOT good for women. The best vote for women is not to vote for "the woman", but to vote for Obama/Biden. Vote with your brain, not your vagina. If you supported Hillary Clinton, then you should vote for Barack Obama in 2008. Maybe you'll get to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2012.

You can put lipstick on Sarah Palin, but I'm still not voting for her. Dress this campaign up however you like... but McCain/Palin are still bad for America.

In response to Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani's comments about Barack Obama and community organizers in general... they're wrong and they suck. We think community organizers are important so we're showing them some love.

Sarah Palin misquoted Madeleine Albright... apparently she thinks we're all going to hell if we don't support her. Even though that's totally not what Madeleine Albright meant. I'd rather go to hell than support Palin!

See You In Hell, Sarah

Sarah Palin thinks we should teach Creationism in science classes. She may not believe in dinosaurs... but dinosaurs sure believe in Obama!

Vote for Obama Dinosaur

We're getting really sick of John McCain calling the American public "my friends". You're not my friend McCain! In fact, I denied your friend request on Myspace and Facebook!

John McCain is Not My Friend

I Denied John McCain's Friend Request (Myspace)

I Ignored John McCain's Friend Request (Facebook)

And of course, seeing as it's Halloween time... we can't forget about how scary a future of President McCain and Vice President Palin would be! Vote Obama/Biden... or else!

McCain/Palin: Now That's Just Scary

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