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October 16, 2008

Tag, you're it!

These past few months it feels like we've done almost nothing but write about politics. It probably feels like that because... these past few months we've done almost nothing but write about politics. But be assured that the Evil Slut Clique hasn't turned completely 'serious'. We still care about the unimportant stuff... like the politics of online social networking. Yeah, we said it. Don't think that just because we got all 'smart' for a minute talking about the election, that we were suddenly going to stop writing about all the idiotic stuff like myspace!

We've written about myspace quite a few times, usually focusing on how stalkeriffic it is. In February 2007, we wrote about the ridiculous social power that one controls with their Top 8 holds. Since then, hell has frozen over and the Evil Slut Clique has finally added a totally lame facebook profile (in addition to our preexisting totally lame myspace account). Oh the shame - by the way, like, totally add us, okay? Heh.

We thought myspace was stalkerish, but facebook takes it to a whole other level. The stalker scale: If myspace is driving past your house a few times a night... facebook is sitting in a tree outside your window with binoculars. If myspace is calling and hanging up, facebook is sneaking into your bedroom to go through your underwear drawer.

Since last February, there have been a lot of high tech (or um, not so high tech) updates to both sites, as they continue to compete with each other by trying to become exactly like each other. In response to Facebook's super-annoying and obnoxious applications, Myspace got their own super-annoying and obnoxious applications, while the whole world mourned the loss of Scrabulous. Most recently myspace launched a new 'my music' playlist function (yeah, facebook has one too, don't worry) that begs the question "isn't that what iTunes is for?"

Another new feature (or at least, new since last February, when we previously mocked Myspace) is the ability to tag photographs. Just as the Top 8 was a shameless display of "Who's Who in My Online Life", the Tagged Photos function has become a new source of lame social proof. Consider it the "Who's Who in My Digital Camera"... a way to prove that your lame online friends do know you in 'real life' too and actually hang out with you in somewhat social situations. Maybe. If you have an account on either site, then you know what I'm talking about. (In case you don't have a myspace or facebook account, and therefore have no idea what tagging means... you can check out this I-never-thought-this-would-ever-need-to-exist tutorial as soon as you explain what kind of rock you've been living under all this time).

Some people get a little carried away with the tagging. Everyone has that one friend who before you've even made it home from hanging out with them, has uploaded pictures and tagged the hell out of you. Personally, I don't upload every single picture I've ever taken to be viewed online. I do admit that I have way way way too many pictures up, but they are all pictures I happen to love and/or of people I happen to really like. I don't post a picture just so I can tag whoever is in it. I don't need to use the Internet to advertise who I'm friends with, but I'm starting to believe that's what a lot of people are doing.

Myspace and facebook differ slightly in the way that they allow you to attention-whore your friends (with facebook winning slightly on the Stalk-o-meter):
  • Myspace: When you're tagged in a photograph, it sends you a notification and asks you to approve the tag. You have the option of a) denying the tag altogether, b) approving the tag and having it placed in an album on your profile called "Tagged Photos" or c) approving the tag, but not having it show up on your profile.
  • Facebook: When you're tagged in a photograph, it sends you a notification but does not wait for approval before displaying a "So-and-so has been tagged in this photo" feed on your profile and automatically adds the photo to your current list of displayed photos. You can remove the photo from your profile only by untagging yourself entirely (which makes it impossible for the original person to re-tag you again).

The reason this particular topic has come to mind, is that an ex-boyfriend recently untagged himself from a bunch of my photos. Seeing as the evil sluts have always used this blog as free 'therapy' for dealing with our relationship issues - good, bad, and everywhere in between - it seemed only fitting that I would address the lameness of his actions on here as well. Of course, I fully acknowledge the lameness of the fact that I'm blogging about it right now. But eh, I'll do it anyway.

I don't actually care if he's in the pics or not (I had been in the process of deleting half of them anyway) but I did find it to be kind of immature. His explanation:
If we are going to move on I feel that there isn't a point to having pics of us up that say I'm your boyfriend or other couple pics.
Now of course, he has a point. He does. But it's still fucking lame. Why? Because even though he has a point, I still think his actions were more in the spirit of being spiteful, than that of trying to 'move on'. I base that assumption on the fact that there weren't actually any pics of us up that said he was my boyfriend (I had edited those captions a long time ago) and all but two of the 'couple pics' were already deleted. The 'couple pics' that I did not delete were:
  1. A picture of us at a wedding, mainly because I think I look cute in formal wear. God forbid if I'm going to let any ex-boyfriend stop me from showing off my cuteness!
  2. A goofy shot of me hugging him, making a silly face because it makes me laugh. That was actually the new caption: "drunk with my ex-bf - this pic just still makes me laugh". Laughter is essential to my life, even in heartbreak.
Now his explanation would make perfect sense if he just untagged the 'couple pics', but he untagged every single photo that he was in... including totally casual group shots from parties and such. There are probably a total of six or seven pictures on my profiles that still include him. Compare that with the fifteen or so that I deleted and the hundreds - yes hundreds - of other pics I have altogether on facebook and myspace. (I do realize that I have a problem; I'm currently seeking help). In fact, upon a brief investigation of my excessive profile... I have pictures of me with at least three other ex-boyfriends that I'm still friends with (nine if you use the term 'boyfriend' more loosely, ahem).

Now this is all unimportant and stupid. I don't care if he untags pictures of himself. I know the fact that I'm writing about this, implies that I'm full of shit and I do care... but the truth is, I really don't. I could give a shit if my photos show up on his profile or not (regardless of whether we're dating or broken up). It's just silly to think that anything on facebook really means anything or makes any kind of statement or is that big of a deal to anyone. Cause it's freaking facebook. The only person who remotely notices or cares at all that photos of him are in a particular album or have a particular caption or have tags on them is... him.

I've had other friends untag themselves for more legitimate reasons (like "ew I look so ugly in that photo!") which I totally respect, even though it's still sorta lame. But so would be me, getting all butt-hurt about a tag in the first place.

The only reason I took issue with it at all was the sheer lameness of it... I found it to be intentionally spiteful (spiteful in the lamest way) considering that it immediately followed a particularly heated conversation. It wasn't about 'moving on'... it was an attempt to completely erase any evidence that we had ever dated (or had even been in the same room together). I'm just not like that.

And now that I've vented about it, I'm ready to get back to politics. I think I'm totally going to add Barack Obama on facebook!

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Dollface said...

I have both Facebook and Myspace, as well. To me, Myspace was always the creepy older brother of Facebook -- lots of older men joining up to hit on young women. Then Facebook went public (not students only anymore) and now it's becoming just as annoying as Myspace.

I am not gonna lie, I'm in college and therefore Facebook is an integral part of my life. I just hope all those pictures of me out there drinking and partying don't come back to bite me in the ass someday!

It's pretty strange that your ex untagged all those pics. I must say, I've considered untagging pictures of my ex-friends, etc, but I feel like it really is just spiteful.

raz said...

Behind every spiteful ex-boyfriend there is a new girlfriend making him that way. Someone was jealous of your photos. ;)


You know raz, I'd agree with that normally... but this came immediately after a heated 'conversation' about the current status of our 'friendship'. (Status = NOT FRIENDS).

It was purely a retaliatory act. I think he was trying to make some kind of statement. I think the statement he actually ended up making was "I'm spiteful!"

Oh and dollface, facebook and myspace are an integral part of all of our lives. The shame.