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October 4, 2008

When Celebrities Let You Down

This is so disappointing, because we were such fans of this person and had no idea that they were a big Palin supporter. We think many of you will be surprised too. Check out this ad.

[Image from Wonkette]

The ESC has followed Famous Person's career for years and we really admired their work. Now that we know how strongly we disagree with Famous's political views, it's going to be hard to stay fans like we used to be. And it's a shame, because Famous Person was just getting ready to star in Big Movie and release Hit Album. Guess we can't support that now.

(Seriously, McCain campaign - we know your candidate can't tell a computer from a George Foreman grill, but you must have someone who can edit copy for web ads. We hear McCain's daughter writes a blog, maybe she can help.)


ihatestupid said...


I've been so proud of Famous persons stance on the issues. It's very disturbing to hear that they have their head up their butt and saw Caribou Barbie's performance as great.

It's good thing the string you pull on her back didn't break while she regurgitated her programming or I don't know what would have happened! :O

I will no longer support Famous persons career... good thing I didn't have that one night stand with him/her - that would have been embarassing!!

FEMily! said...

I do trust Famous Person's opinion over Crazy Person's. Crazy wants you to vote Constitution Party, if you can believe that!

Dollface said...

Pretty hilarious.