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November 6, 2008

Obama/Biden Victory In Pictures

Babies named after Barack Obama in Kenya

Italian painter Daniele Donde gives a thumbs up next to a portrait of US president-elect Barack Obama, at his exhibition in Bucharest Romania, Thursday, Nov. 6 2008

Obama supporters in Geneva; Busan, South Korea; Minneapolis, MN; and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The awesomest hat ever in Kenya, and a celebration in Nigeria

Rome, Italy ("The World Changes")

Bush leaves the podium

A sand sculpture congratulating US president-elect Barack Obama by Indian sand artist Sudarsan Patnaik is seen on a beach in Puri.

Indonesian students at Barack Obama's old school react as their teacher announces the US election result.

Obama Girls, a hula dance group formed in honor of Obama's Hawaiian heritage, and an Obama doll in Obama City, Japan

An Indian artist makes a painting of American president elect Barack Obama and Mahatma Gandhi to mark the victory of Obama in Ahmadabad, India

Celebrating in Kenya

Amman, Jordan ("Congratulations")

Students in Pakistan

New Delhi, India

Chicago, IL

U.S. soldiers at Bagram airbase, Afghanistan

U.S. citizens at an election party at the embassy in Beijing, China

University of Sydney, Australia

Howard University, Washington

Indianapolis, Indiana

Celebrating in Jerusalem

Harlem, New York

Mock ballot at U.S. embassy in Beijing, China

Celebrating Obama's victory in Ohio at the U.S. embassy in London

Steve Francis at the Houston Rockets/Boston Celtics game in Texas

A happy face in Amsterdam

Hollywood, CA

Group hug!

Joe Biden's mom is supercute

Times Square

Christine King Farris, sister of civil-rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., is embraced by her granddaughter Farris Watkins, 11, as she wipes away a tear after a cable news channel projected democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as the winner during an election-night party at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta

Jalynn Walker, with her mother Jamie Davis and her sister Jordan Davis, light their candles for a vigil for 'watch night' at the crypt of Martin Luther King, Jr and his wife Coretta Scott King as they wait for results from the U.S. presidential election in Atlanta, Georgia

An Obama supporter, and a sign showing support for Barack Obama and his grandmother, Madelyn Payne Dunham, outside of her former home, both in Honolulu

Katy Perry at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Liverpool, England

[Images from Yahoo News, Newseum, Barack Obama's flickr, and feministing]


Dollface said...

Love the pictures, especially the ones of people celebrating all over the world.

ceirdwenfc said...

Thank you for posting these pictures. They made me cry again. What a great night Tuesday was. I'm still giddy.

And I have to add:
Rahm Emanuel
Robert Gibbs


Jess said...

Sadly, it looks like the Yahoo-based photos are broken links. Is there a way to get them back? The captions are tantalizing...