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December 2, 2008

Another reason to skip class tomorrow

On December 3, there will be a Nationwide Student Protest for Marriage Equality.  At 9:00 am (in your own time zone) students are asked to walk out of class, leaving a note on their desk or chair that says "SCHOOL TAUGHT ME NOT TO DISCRIMINATE. SAY NO TO H8. SAY YES TO EQUALITY".

We'll leave it up to the students at each school to figure out what they want to do while they are out of class, but we encourage you all to meet up as a group somewhere nearby and protest for equal rights for everyone. Coordinate through facebook, myspace, text messages, and word of mouth. [via QueersUnited]
For more information, check out their Facebook or Myspace event pages. Or contact Eric Ross eross@studentsforequality.com or Elijah Nouvelage enouvelage@studentsforequality.com

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Eric said...

We are having another event soon. Please check out www.studentsforequality.com to learn more. This time we are holding a visibility event where everyone will wear the same shirt on the same day. Proceeds from the shirts will go to benefit Lambda Legal, a law firm dedicated to fighting for LGBT rights in the courts!