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December 12, 2008

The Non-Wish List: Gifts to Avoid

You may remember our Sexist Toys to Avoid shopping guide from last December... We thought about compiling another list, but most of those toys from last year are still on the market... so this is just a reminder that we still think you should avoid those toys. They're lame and they reinforce gender stereotypes on children.

We also realized that there are plenty of other reasons to avoid toys (and grown-up gifts) this year, that have nothing to do with sexism. So this year we've provided a silly, but legit, very random, totally not complete, "Non-Wish List" guide of gifts to avoid.

Since the original list was about sexist toys, we thought we'd start the new list with one, just for old time's sake. The Dollhouse of Horror, um, I mean, the Military Forward Command Post is a "lifelike replica of a real battlefield headquarter".

For more sexist gender-typing of children, check out the Discovery Channel store's "gift finder" sections for boys and girls.

We'll give them a little credit, that both sections have a big variety of unisex educational and science-related gifts. However, it's the toys that don't make both lists that sex-type kids, like the girls-list-only Sew Fun Sewing Machine, Fashion Design Studio and Klutz Knitting Kit (because as Bravo has taught us, only women and gay men design clothing... only... wait that's not true). Other girls-only items include Keep Safe Diary, Perfume kit, and Deluxe Pottery Wheel. Some of the boys items include a football, soccer ball, basketball, and um... bugs?

We found this bad gift on the blog The Sexist [Washington City Paper] from an Esquire list of stereotypical, lame gifts to give your wife:

"Esquire Thinks It Knows Your Wife ... and she’s boring, vapid, and obsessed with eating ice cream out of the carton."

We found this one on Daily News website... The Pink Keyboard for Blondes. Sigh.

How about these panties from SayItWithUndies.com? Nothing says LOVE like calling your wife a "trophy wife" or your girlfriend a "gold digger".

These might be my personal favorite though...

Not only is it hilarious to have "it's a boy!" written on a pair of women's panties (perfect for the transgendered) but the product description really made me laugh:
"Let everyone know how excited you are and tell them 'it's a boy'!"
Yep. Because that's how I want to tell everyone the gender of my baby... by showing them my underwear. (It would also be a little better if these were actually Maternity underwear instead of a teeny tiny thong).

For more inappropriate underwear, check out Womanist-Musings. They recently posted something about the "Keep Obama Alive" presidential thong. Yikes!

We found these Wife Biscuits on bitterwallet.com. I'm not exactly sure if they're made for wives or they're made from wives. But either way, yum!!

I admit I haven't seen Twilight, so maybe this isn't as bad as it looks... but this "inaction figure" of a teenage douchey-looking vampire is just plain creepy (and vaguely reminiscent of some of those collectible Barbies that we know no kid would ever want).

One gift category that you should probably avoid buying... for anyone... ever... is anything related to taking a crap. But particularly these items... "your bathroom privacy solution!", Toilet Tunes, which plays music every time the toilet seat is up... Poo~Pourri, which "creates a barrier to embarrassing bathroom odors" when sprayed in the toilet water before you go... or Sudoku toilet paper, which is.. um... it's Sudoku toilet paper. Yeah.

Speaking of things you do in the toilet... Check out the George W. Bush commemorative patch.

But really, what everyone wants this holiday season is a headless teddy bear... right?

Do we need to explain why this lamp is creepy? Honestly, we can't imagine any child or adult wanting this. Except maybe that one neighbor that everyone has, you know the one... that guy who "always keeps to himself and wouldn't hurt a fly" and is probably a serial killer. Actually he probably makes them and sells them out of his basement.

But on a more serious note... when shopping for holiday gifts this year, it's important to know what you're paying for and who you are supporting. For example, as if we needed another reason not to shop at Walmart, they scored pretty low in the Human Rights Campaign's Buying for Equality guide (a guide to which business do - and do not - support gay rights). You might also want to check out HRC's list of organizations that contributed to the 'Yes on Prop 8' campaign.

You might want to check out some of our previous holiday shopping guides for some info and background behind the stuff you're buying...
Happy shopping. Or um, not shopping. Whatever.

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Anonymous said...

Why not avoid Walmart while you're out shopping. Name any reason you want.