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December 7, 2008

Obama-Biden Feminism Watch: The NOW Feminist Agenda

This one isn't about something feminist that the Obama-Biden team has done, but about the feminist things that we want them to work on once they're officially in office. NOW has put together a Feminist Action Agenda for 2009 and Beyond, and they're asking for feedback.

With women's rights supporters headed to the White House and in congressional leadership, we have an opportunity to reverse some of the backward movement of the past eight years, and begin to again move forward in addressing equality and opportunity for women and girls. The following Feminist Action Agenda is by no means exhaustive, but it is a starting place...This is our opportunity to ensure that women and children are remembered and included in addressing the current economic crisis, and a chance to reverse the last eight years of disappearing jobs, reduced family incomes, the persistent wage gap for women and people of color and the massive national debt.

The agenda addresses a range of issues in nine categories: economic justice, reproductive rights and sexual health, equal rights and ending sex discrimination, healthcare for all, stop violence against women, lesbian rights, educational equity, promoting diversity and ending racism, and media fairness and accessibility. There is also a survey that you can take to let NOW know which parts of the agenda are most critical to you, and it includes an open space where you can tell them what you think the tenth item on the agenda should be. NOW is sometimes criticized for not listening often enough to the voices of young women, so this is a good opportunity to let them know what our priorities are and what we want them to push for in 2009 and beyond.

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