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December 16, 2008

Shameless Promotion: ESC Holiday Shopping Guide

It's finally here! The Evil Slut Clique Shameless Promotional Holiday Gift Buying Guide for 2008! Below you will find some of our favorite stuff this holiday season and also some cool new stuff from our friends, in a completely totally random order! Enjoy! (All images are 'clickable' and lead to more items). We met quite a few of these vendors at the BUST Holiday Craftacular so we can personally vouch for some of them not only having great products, but being cool people too.

Also, don't forget to look back at last year's list because a lot of last year's vendors aren't on this list (due to space constraints, and also laziness on our part) but we still love and support each of them! So check out the new items they each have this year!!

We both bought a ton of stuff from Funky Artsy at the Bust Holiday Craftacular. In addition to being really nice people and having really beautiful jewelry... their adorable little decorated matchboxes are just too cute to resist.

Check out Rebecca Shepherd Jewelry Design, who now has a store with other designers in Park Slope, Brooklyn (Urban Alchemist, 343 Fifth Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues).

I was really drawn to Neile Cooper's exquisite butterfly jewelry and stain glass art. (FYI: The butterflies used live out their adult, winged stage in only a few days or weeks. After their natural death, the wings are recycled and preserved in glass).

The Angel Court Jewels collection is a collaboration of artistic expression by designers Angela Burgess and Courtney Taylor, who incorporate antique estate pieces and nontraditional objects into their one-of-a-kind jewelry designs. To check out their Boutique and online Gallery: AngelCourt.com

Gabriela de la Vega has some very pretty, precious hand-wrought jewelry. We could have just browsed her "key" items alone for hours and hours. (We're kind of into keys, not sure why).

Digby & Iona is offering 10% off all purchases of their unique jewelry for the month of December. Just type in the promotion code 'Holiday' at checkout for your discount.

According to their website, Lingua Nigra literally means "Black Hairy Tongue"...
...something coarse and hard. A black tongue can give beautiful words, and take them back. Lingua Nigra wants to give you beautiful organic pieces that you will have forever... or at least until you die.

The designer of Spragwerks jewelry is a former heavy-duty diesel mechanic (which explains his awesome "industrial" aesthetic) and backs each piece with a lifetime warranty.

We originally checked out Poison Apple NYC because we just thought the name was cool. Luckily, their jewelry turned out to be even cooler than their name...

We accidentally found Poison Apple T-shirts while looking for the website of the jewelry vendor Poison Apple NYC (see above). We're really glad we did because they have some really amazing print t-shirts with designs that will blow your mind.

Unhappy Animals has the most adorable t-shirts and other items, featuring a collection of unhappy animals including a "time bomb" angry monkey, a laid back turtle, a lactose intolerant mouse, a paranoid koala, "three's a crowd" elephants, a numb cat, a bunny with braces and (our personal favorite) a fish swimming in a bowl of his own tears.

Harrilu is a line of modern apparel and accessories, hand silkscreen designs for children and adults (including maternity wear).

We have decided to start entertaining more often... just so we can find an excuse to use these awesome pin-up girl coasters from Sourpuss Clothing! (And in case you couldn't tell from the name, they also have some pretty awesome clothing and other cool stuff).

ClothMoth is offering free shipping on U.S. orders of $50+. Their stuff is really cute... who doesn't love a fetus with a Blackberry?

1 Girl 1 Boy has really cute hand dyed & block printed t-shirts and textiles. We really like their cute little zipper pouches.

Charm NYC is a boutique located in NOHO ("North of Soho, downtown NYC) within the EDGE*ny NOHO boutique complex on 65 Bleecker St. Check out their cool head wear and accessories:

Ichigo Black offers "gothic street fashion with a burst of femininity inspired by Japanese gothic, lolita, and punk styles".

The Junkprints business card that we grabbed at the Craftacular read "clothing, accessories, general dopeness". I think that says it better than we could!!

JaK Random Art has unique, eco-friendly, handmade jewelry made from recycled vinyl records & other found materials.
The materials used in my art are from recycled or found objects placing an emphasis on the notion that out of decay there is rebirth. This results in one of a kind pieces that are antique-like reflecting the fragile innocence that we imagine existed in past eras.

Barking Maddison's jewelry is made from vintage wallpaper... and each piece is double-sided, so flip them over! (She also has some very pretty hand-tooled leather bags).

We chatted with Rebecca of RAR RAR Press a little bit at the Bust Holiday Craftacular and we loved her! She creates letterpress printed postcard and other miscellaneous items.

Product Superior has some really cool greeting cards, etc. We particularly liked the ones of the busted muscle cars!

Tina the seamonster's holiday items had us cracking up. "Zombies Attack Santa... Christmas Totally Cancelled". Hilarious.

Earmark's custom cards, stationary and gifts are really great. She has some more traditional items, but of course, our favorites were the sillier stuff. (I bought my new holiday cards for this year... "Tis the seasons to be AWESOME"). Also check out her invitations and announcements.

And we're about ready to buy out the entire Mean Cards collection... It's tough to pick our favorites (but we can't list their entire catalog on our blog) but as far as the holidays designs go, I think this one might be the topper:
Outside: "I didn't cry when I learned there was no Santa"
Inside: "but your kids just might... if they read the front of this card. Merry Christmas"

This is really cool and green: all of reiter8's items are made from recycled sails, including one-of-a-kind (and 'few-of-a-kind') totes and pillows.

trixie and radar have the COOLEST decoupage clocks (seriously, the coolest) and awesome light plates too.

I fell in love with these gloves from Father Panik Industries the second I saw them. You can get them saying "BAD ASS, ROCK STAR, GOOD EVIL, HELL YEAH, LUCKY 13, LIVE FAST, LOVE HATE or LONE WOLF". (Or check out the website for lots of other cool stuff).

QASSA has some really cute, kitschy funky candles. My absolute favorite is the Bettie Page (R.I.P.) but they're all incredibly cool.

Cykochik is an innovative line of custom handbags. The original, signature Portrait Totes boast portrait cut-outs (reverse appliqu├ęs) in a myriad of attractive colors, prints, and designs to choose from. Just send them a photograph and get your sweet face on a handbag! (All bags are made of animal & eco-friendly vinyl and are 100% sweatshop-free).

In Hope: handspun yarn, purses, housewares and all things cute!

Brookadelphia is the sisterly collaboration of Amber & Heather Zezeck. They make jewelry "with a sprinkle of sophistication, a dash of irony, and heaping teaspoon of street cred".

Potus31 is a line of handmade, pewter sculptures of American snack food icons designed by Herber Hoover. We particularly liked the fortune cookies (which can have any custom fortune put inside).

Painter Girl Handmade Chocolates are as beautiful as they are delicious. We particularly liked the "Painter Tribute Bars" of Frida Kahlo.
Art-inspired chocolate. Chocolate-inspired art. What fun! Something so delectable to eat could also be wonderful to look at. A complete experience.

Lollibomb Beauty is serving up only the best in vegan bath and body treats with one-of-a-kind handcrafted cruelty-free creations in fragrances that range "from mild to wild". They have organic sugar scrubs, lotions, paraben-free mineral cosmetics, handmade lip balms, and cool gift ideas (including edible massage oil, yum!)

Kim Westad's hand thrown porcelain ceramics are beautiful and come in both unique and more "classic" styles. Check out the "whirls" category of her collection gallery for items that are functional works of art.

Whether you've ever seen the Naughty Naughty Pets show or not (we actually haven't) you'll still adore their cute plush toys and other naughty items.

Sarah Apple has not only a cute name (okay fine, it's not her real name), but also some really cute stuff... including stuffed gnomes! Yay!

By Mary Jane (created by Mary Jane Hunter) is a line of one of a kind handmade bags, headbands and jewelry. She uses mainly vintage fabrics, leathers, trinkets and hardware to create unique designs inspired by the 60's.

kg + ab ceramics is a husband and wife design team in Brooklyn, NY. Their unique clay designs range from the practical (vases and other "vessels") to the whimsical ("bears in love" figurines).

Catherinette is handmade and recycled gifts and accessories made by Katie Stack. We thought the sushi ornaments were really cute and would make a lovely addition to the ESC's Christmas tree. (If the ESC had one, sigh).

Weekly podcast, Radio Free Bakersfield, is selling 2009 calendars "with BABES!" for $15 plus shipping.

Leviticus Jewelry is offering free shipping on all U.S. orders until Christmas Day. (Free for international orders over $100).

This year they sent out a very special thank you message to all their friends and customers, so we wanted to share a part of it with our friends (um, you).
When you shop at leviticusjewelry.com you are supporting handmade. You aren't giving money to sweatshops, you are giving money to an actual loving family trying to make a better future for their children and family. In return I promise to turn these babies into great members of the human race, bettering our future. I wish that more mothers and fathers had the opportunity to work from home doing something that they love while getting the time to spend with their children.

Ayin Aleph has some holiday promos up on their website, including a CD + t-shirt combo.

You might also want to check out the holiday shopping guides provided by Feministing, Feministe, and the Rotten Little Girls because, well, we did. And as always, check out what we're selling on our ESC cafepress stores. We're still adding new items as we speak, so stay tuned for a separate blog later today or tomorrow shamelessly promoting and showcasing them.
(And don't forget to scroll back a few days before this to see our previous holiday blogs).

Happy Ho-lidays!


Sooza said...

I love this list! So many precious things...thanks for compiling it! Jezebel and Lilith are teh r0x0rs!!

Dollface said...

Great list! Love the stuffed gnomes :)