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January 5, 2009

Celebreality: The Love Returns

You've probably noticed that we haven't written about reality TV lately nearly as much as we used to. Partly it was because we were caught up with the election and other political stuff, and partly because we just weren't feeling it anymore. You can only watch Lauren Conrad rolling her eyes at everything and Tila Tequila pretending to be bisexual for so long before you just need a break.

So I think I can point to this moment right here, from the Rock of Love Charm School reunion show, as the exact moment that my love returned. (I can't speak for the rest of the ESC, because I know that they don't all hate hate haaaaaaaaaaaaate Megan the way I do, but I think they'd all agree that it was generally awesome.)

So with this glorious moment (plus the fact that the finalist of Charm School were Destiney and Brandi M. and not like horrible Megan and Lacey or something), the boozed up dramalicious premiere of Rock of Love Bus, and the awesomeness that is Confessions of a Teen Idol, I think the ESC is officially back in the celebreality business in 2009.


raz said...

I do not hate Megan, in fact I used to dig her, but, I must admit, I even teared up a little. The epitome of rock and roll class confirmed my notion that there IS a time and a place to throw your drink on a whore.

Dollface said...

Haha this was really more amusing than I'd like to admit. I guess she was dressed for the occasion with the bathing suit and everything...

Tess said...

I really love how Sharon tossed Megan because she doesn't tolerate violence (that I know that is embarrassing enough, isn't it) and then ends up going postal all over her. Not that she didn't deserve it. I felt the hate for her all along.

I'm trying to remember what Megan said she wanted to be at one point. Was it dentist or bank president or something equally unlikely and hilarious.

Damn you, ESC, for making me focus on this!

Me-Me King said...

Wooooo hooooo! Bret Michaels seems to be making a career of finding "the" woman to be his Rock of Love. I'm sure things will be far more interesting on the bus - can't wait!

Jezebel said...

Tess - Apologies for making you waste brain cells thinking about Megan ;) I think dentist was the career that she said she wanted, which cracked me up because my brother once told me a story from one of his psychology professors about how people with sadistic tendencies seem to sometimes find jobs that allow them to 'express themselves', like the professor's brother, who of course was a dentist.