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January 1, 2009

Every Kiss Does Not Begin With Kay: Open Hearts?

One of the good things about the holidays being over is that we won't be subjected to this commercial anymore, for the Jane Seymour "Open Hearts" collection at Kay Jewelers.

We see where Jane was trying to go with this whole 'open hearts' idea, we really do. And it is a nice message. We're too jaded and cynical and evil to be moved by it, but we get it. Really.

It's just that...the thing kinda doesn't really look all that much like "open hearts", unless you already know that's what it's supposed to be. Our informal poll of what people thought this looked like produced these answers:

~A snake
~A sea monster
~A wave
~A five year old's scribble
~An ass (actually, now that we're looking at it again, it kinda looks like our friend Castallare's Fat Bottom Girl's ass. She should totally sue.)

There's also the fact that, if you get something like this as a gift, pretty much everyone who sees it on you will know that it came from that generic jewelry company with the annoying commercials and about how much it cost. And there's nothing really horribly wrong with that, but we tend to prefer stuff that's a little more unique. Okay, mostly we just couldn't let this holiday season go by without mentioning that we hate Kay Jewelers and annoying holiday jewelry commercials. At least now we'll get a little break before the Valentine's Day advertising starts.

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Deb on the Rocks said...

I'm so glad that jingle can finally leave the building.

I always thought it looked like two women's asses. Which made me want it, but only for a second.

Jane Awl said...

I'm very, very late to this party, but I was so excited that somebody else thought this was a horrible design too that I had to add my two cents in:

*I* thought it looked like an ass too... topped off by a nice bosom. Kind of like Jessica Rabbit in pendant form.

Which actually I would've liked better.

(But I have no taste.)