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January 11, 2009

Strippers, Rapists and Murderers...

What do they all have in common? They're all a result of single motherhood... according to Ann Coulter. Now of course, we hate Ann Coulter. We hate her so much that we don't even like to acknowledge that she exists, so it pains us to actually write about her at all. But this one's just so incredibly ridiculous, we had to say something about it already.

Probably not too many of you have read Coulter's book, Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America (we're not even going to link to it, because we don't want to give her any more free publicity than necessary). In it, she makes the claim that children of divorced parents or single mothers are "future strippers". A few days ago she defended this statement on Hannity & Colmes as "something that needs to be said". She goes on to say that single motherhood is a "recipe to create criminals, strippers, rapists, murderers".

She also made the claim that liberals hate marriage (I guess that's why gay people want the right to get married so bad) and that single mothers are "victimizers who are treated like victims". Speaking of victims, she also had some choice words for President-elect Barack Obama and other "children of a black father who abandoned them and a white mother who raised them"...

Honestly, I can't even summarize and paraphrase it all, because it defies commentary. I'm just going to cut and paste:
COULTER: ...they all identify with the ethnicity of their black fathers to establish victimhood status in America. Because that is how you get ahead in America, by being a victim.

COLMES: And you accuse them of insulting the women who struggled to raise them.

COULTER: Correct.

COLMES: Yet you have insulted them by calling them strippers.

COULTER: No, I didn't call the mothers strippers.

HANNITY: Oh, my goodness.

COULTER: I said that this is a recipe for creating -- and it is, it is a fact --

COLMES: Oh, their kids are strippers. OK.

COULTER: Yes, and they will be, and that is a fact. You liberals pretend you care about facts.
You know what Ann, us "liberals" do care about facts. So let's look at the actual facts, shall we? There may in fact be some statistics that link single parenthood to crime, however it's stupid to assume that this is a causal link. (That is, there are other factors that lead to that association, not the single parenthood itself).

I think it's worth looking at why you're a single parent. Do children of divorce actually suffer from the divorce or rather, from the effects of living with fighting/unhappy parents pre-divorce? The factors leading to the divorce, maybe well have more of a negative impact on children. I think it comes down to the quality of the parenting received and/or the happiness and mental states of the parents. There are plenty of criminals who were raised by both a mother and a father.

Also how much of the negative behavior that studies have linked to children of single-parent households comes from the fact that a two-parent structure (and that's two parents of opposite genders obviously) is still considered to be the only positive family environment? I wonder how often it is a self-fulfilling prophecy... one where the "destructive and rebellious" children of single mothers is less the fault of single mothers than it is of society's condemnation of single motherhood.

There's a lot of stress associated with being a single parent in a today's world, not just the normal stresses of trying to parent alone - but the guilt associated with the stigma of single parenthood. Yes, it's better today than it has been in past years (guess that's the fault of those damn "liberals" Ann keeps talking about) but it's still stigmatized.

Ann also fails to look at the role economics plays into the equation. Poverty is often linked to crime and other "negative" factors (such as limited access to quality education) and single women with children are more likely to be living under the poverty level. That doesn't mean that single parenthood causes people to become criminals. Maybe if the politicians would spend less time criticizing single mothers and more time providing government services to help them, the statistics would change.

Certain studies have indicated higher rates of criminal activity in the African American community as well, but it would misleading and wrong to twist those statistics into a blanket claim such as "black people are more likely to be criminals". Without acknowledging the fact that black people are more likely to be living under the poverty level (and more likely to be oppressed), that statement out of context is inaccurate and completely racist.

Yet, that's what Ann Coulter is doing here - she's focusing on only one small part of a much bigger picture. Of course, I'm only referring to the alleged link to criminal behavior, which brings me to my next issue. I'm not sure which part of Coulter's theory is more offensive and hilariously ridiculous. The claim that the children of single mothers will become strippers, rapists and murders... or the fact that she equates strippers with rapists and murderers. Last time I checked, stripping was not a violent crime (or a crime at all). Last time I checked, being called a stripper is not an insult (something that even "liberal" Alan Colmes seems to miss).

I'm not sure if there are any statistics that support or refute the claim that children of single parents are more likely to become strippers. I'd be really curious to see how Ann can defend that one as a "fact"... but still not curious enough to actually buy her train wreck of a book.

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Linda-Sama said...

I hate Ann Coulter, too.

and pick up a blog award, if you do those things, at http://lindasyoga.blogspot.com -- the alter-ego of the Ageless Hippie Chick.

Dollface said...

Ann Coulter is a moron.

Anonymous said...

holy crap. even as a generically christian conservative, i really wish she would shut the f* up.

ihatestupid said...

What the FUCK is wrong with that woman?

1. Colmes is Liberal?? ROFL!!! On what planet??!

2. You made my point - why are strippers in with Rapists & murderers?? That's fucked.

3. SO let me get this straight... single moms are the reason for the downfall of America? Perhaps we could have a way to prevent that like access to birth control or not putting the huge stigma on abortion... OH - WAIT - Coulter and friends are against that too.

How do people like Coulter survive? You'd think all that brain power spent on making sure they remember to breathe and have a heart beat would prevent them from doing anything else.

La Sirena said...

Seriously, when are people going to stop inviting her on their shows? She just says the stupidest things.

Of course, I am a child of divorce, I'm a single mother and I briefly worked as a stripper to support my son -- but I still think I'm happier and healthier than Ann Coulter and my kid is, too.

ceirdwenfc said...

I am so disgusted by this woman, I can't speak. I have chills thinking that this woman has a platform to spout her racist, mysogynistic hate. Didn't the Columbine murderers come from two parent households? What about the Menendez brothers? It's scary the amount of drones follow (and believe) her.

R.C. said...

It amazes me that no one sees just how dangerous this evil, maniacal BITCH called Ann Coulter is with all this hate-filled rhetoric. One day, if-- God forbid-- a domestic terrorist of the likes of McVeigh raises his ugly head and decides to mow down protestors at a peace rally, people at a gay bar, Jews at a synogogue, or minorities at a shopping mall, you can be SURE that she will be one of those who had an influence on him.

She Likes It Loud said...

Coulter just likes to hear herself talk and she's just about one bad plastic surgical procedure away from the right wing objectifiers getting sick of her too. Those would be the same folks that voted for Palin cause "she was HOT" (insert conniption here). Oprah's parents weren't married and Obama's folks divorced; you couldn't ask for a better outcome than what they got. It's about CHOICE and that's a word that burns Coulter's tongue.