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February 15, 2009

Fresh Promise: Take a Bite Out of the Odds

We wrote last week about Go Red Day and the American Heart Association's campaign to raise awareness about heart disease being the number one killer of women. But obviously this isn't an issue to worry about only one day out of the year, so we wanted to pass along this info about the Fresh Promise campaign, which is ongoing until the end of the month. For this campaign, the American Heart Association is collaborating with Chiquita and Fresh Express, and they're offering a bunch of ways to get involved. (You know how much we love anything that involves Chiquita, so of course this campaign caught our eye.)

~During the month of February, Fress Express will donate 10 cents for every purchase of a specially marked bag of Fresh Express salad or Chiquita Fruit Bites at participating retailers. (The full list of participating stores can be found at freshpromise.net.) We know that people sometimes have mixed feelings about the "buy _____ and we'll make a donation to ____" style of activism. But grocery shopping is something that just about everyone has to do sometimes anyway, so if you do buy these types of products, it's good to know that you can make a small shopping choice that makes a small difference, because it does add up.

~If you participate in Fresh Funds, which is a free customer rewards program that lets you earn points for buying Fresh Express and Chiquita stuff, you can donate your Fresh Funds points to the AHA's Go Red For Women campaign. Donated points are being doubled for the month of February. If you're not a member, you can sign up at freshfunds.com - they've got other opportunities to donate your points for various causes throughout the year, so if you do buy any of these products it's not a bad idea to sign up.

~Show your support by uploading your picture to the Fresh Promise site and sharing your donation. You can also get 40 bonus Fresh Fund points if you share your story with the Go Red For Women campaign before the end of the month. And of course the Fresh Promise campaign is also on MySpace and Facebook.

Check out freshpromise.net for more information about this campaign and the Go Red For Women movement, plus some tips and recipes for heart-healthy cooking. By making good food choices, sharing our stories, and working together, we can take a bite out of the odds.

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KELSO'S NUTS said...

I like the idea, especially in light of your great PETA ball busting, but CHIQUITA is shit. They use right-wing paramilitaries as security at their ranches in Colombia and at their processing plant in Barranquilla where they inject that gelatin and yellow dye into the skins. And break strikes.

If America is for bananas the way it is for pineapple (Dole, only) or wheat (ADM or Cargill only) then forget what I wrote and keep enjoying the dye, gelatin and violations of Colombian workers' civil rights.

Anonymous said...

Well, our love for Chiquita is really for a different kind of Chiquita anyway. ;)

Jezebel said...

It's a fair point. Like I mentioned in the blog, I totally understand (and share) the skepticism when it comes to the concept of buying stuff from companies as a form of charity. But I also feel like it's better to have more information rather than less when it comes to things like this, so that you can make the best buying choices. Some people may say 'you know what, I need a bagged salad anyway, so I'll choose Fresh Express and at least Go Red will get a donation out of it'. And some may say 'I want to support the Go Red cause, but I won't support Chiquita, so I'm going to donate directly or do something else to help'. Some people might live in a small town with a small supermarket where Chiquita is pretty much the only choice, and feel a little less guilty for supporting them this month because a portion of the proceeds is going to a good cause. It's all about picking your battles and trying to do the best you can with the resources that you have.