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February 10, 2009

Newsflash: Bill O'Reilly is a Douchebag

Here's good old Bill mocking veteran journalist Helen Thomas. He gets an assist towards the end from Bernie Goldberg, which makes it even funnier considering that neither man has more than a passing familiarity with any concept of what real journalism is supposed to be. Also enjoy an appearance from Alan Colmes, who tries to stop Bill from going off the deep end before giving up and just laughing uncomfortably while presumably counting the seconds until the end of the segment.

[From Writes Like She Talks via Viva La Feminista's Twitter feed]

The good news about this is that it's inspired us to start working on a blog about Helen Thomas's amazing career for Women's History Month. (The other good news is that we're sure Ms.Thomas is so far above this that she won't lose even a second of sleep over these moronic comments.) O'Reilly and Goldberg will have to wait until Douchebag History Month for their turn.

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Dick Tremayne said...

How can he mock the credibility of real journalists? He's a fucking interpretor. He "no-spins" whatever story is out there, putting into a nice digestable package for the sheep who worship his smarmy schtick. "Please Bill.. tell me what's in my newspaper! I don't want to have to think for myself!" Of all the words I think of to describe him, antagonistic takes a close second to douchebag.

Wee Mousie said...

I object. Bill O'Reilly is not a douchebag.

He may aspire to becoming a douchebag. With steely determination and round-the-clock psychiatric help Bill O'Reilly may some day climb to what for him would be the pinnacle of evolution, to become an equal, under law, of a douchebag.

But, Bill O'Reilly is not now, nor will he every actually be, just as good as a douchebag.

And there are douchebags all over American seething with resentment over your slur.