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February 22, 2009

Things Michael Savage Says

I figured I'd make the post title a little shorter because the qualifiers are so superfluous when it comes to this douchebag.

Here's what passes for an innocent, respectful-of-women observation when you're Michael Savage:
Savage: Roland, when you were there, were there still any hippie girls over there with patchouli oil still running to Kabul for the wild nights?

Roland (whoever that is): Never saw one, however, they're...

Savage: Well no, they've all come back, they're all sixty years old, and they're all in Code Pink. They're way past their prime, so there's only one thing left for a woman after her prime of sexual excess, and that's radical left-wing politics."
[Shakesville has the audio clip.]
You know, it really is sweet of him to be concerned, and if anyone is an expert on turning to radical politics to cover the fact that you're way past your prime it's definitely him, but as usual Mr. Savage underestimates us girls. Everyone knows that women are excellent at multi-tasking. So, we can quite capably handle our sexual excess and our radical left-wing politics all at once, at any age. Some of us who are really motivated even make time for sexual excess, radical politics, booze, reality TV, and occasionally telling people like Michael Savage to suck it.

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1 comment:

Tengrain said...

Ah, well, until you've been with a radical leftist, ex-hippy chick, you don't know what you are missing, Michael.

(The rumor around SF is that he is one closeted queen, of the old-school, women-hating variety.)