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March 22, 2009

The ESC goes to WAM next week!

We're going to WAM! That is, the Women, Action and the Media conference.

Women, Action & the Media: A Conference for Activists, Journalists & Everyone

If you care about amplifying progressive women’s voices in the media, WAM! is for you, whether you’re a media producer or a PR strategist, a journalist, an activist, an academic, a community organizer, a feminist, a funder or philanthropist, a “citizen” media watchdog, a media policy advocate, an alternative-network-builder, a blogger, writer, teacher, artist, technology trainer, cartoonist, deejay, or anything else!

The goal of WAM! is to bring together everyone who has a stake in achieving gender justice in media, in order to share facts and ideas, develop skills, build collaborations, bridge differences and create action plans. We’re bringing together more than 600 participants to exchange observations, ideas, experiences, opinions, and tools for change—and plan together for action.

For the first time this year, we’ll be exploring a theme throughout the Conference: Inside/Outside. We all belong inside some communities or networks and are new to or feel excluded or alienated from others. The tension that exists between insiders and outsiders to any given movement, identity, industry or ideology can be destructive, but it can also be harnessed toward mutually beneficial change. At WAM!2009, we’ll explore both sides of this inescapable dynamic in our relationships, organizations, societies and movements.

The conference is March 27-29 at MIT's Strata Center in Cambridge, MA although we will be spending a full week in the Boston/Cambridge area getting some evil slutty business (and pleasure) done. We'd love to hear from any other people attending the conference and also from the locals, as we're always looking for suggestions on how to have the evilest, sluttiest time in every city we visit. (For those of you who will be in New York that weekend though, get yo ass on the floor in Williamsburg on the 28th).

And while we're here... we thought we'd direct your attention to our "Help the ESC" program that you can now participate in. It's very simple... you give us money and we spend it and Evil Slutopia doesn't disappear into the pits of debt.

There are other non-monetary ways you can also help the ESC, so please do check out the info on our new website ESCForeverMedia.com. Help send us to WAM and be a new VIP and BFF of the ESC ASAP (and any other letters that you want).

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