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March 31, 2009

ESC Women's History Month Roundup

Since we've completely sucked it on the Women's History Month coverage this year, we thought we'd take a quick look back in our own history and remember times in the past when we did not, in fact, suck it. Many, but not all, of these posts are from our women's history post-a-day awesomeness last March. We've divided everything into categories for your reading pleasure.

~Ana Mendieta
~Frida Kahlo
~Madame X
~Artemisia Gentileschi
~Votes for Women
~Judy Chicago
~WACK! Art & the Feminist Revolution

~Beyond Chick Lit
~The ESC Women's History Month Book List
Also, check out our new Women's History store on Amazon. We're still adding stuff because we've read and want to read tons of books on this subject, so we'd love suggestions too: The ESC's Women's History Store.

~Catholic Feminism
~Evil Sluts of Celtic Myth

~Beyond Abortion And Breast Cancer: Women's Health
~Reproductive Rights: The Right to Reproduce?
~Ask for Jane

~The ERA
~The Old Tired Ethics of Prostitution
~Women and Justice (posted on the birthday of the awesome Ruth Bader Ginsburg)
~CWLU: Posters & Pins
~No More Miss America
~What We All Know About Women's History

~Remembering Del Martin
~The History of Same-Sex Marriage
~The Lavender Menace

Awesome Women:
~Betsy Ross
~Abigail Adams
~Rosa Parks
~Nellie Bly (aka Fox News Celebrates Women's History Month)
~The Olympics: Women's Right to Compete
~Are those cookies made from real Girl Scouts?
~Election Day (awesome quote roundup)

Also check out...
~Top 100 Women of History (About.com)
~Top 100 (and then some) women in history (Writes Like She Talks)

Happy Women's History Month!

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