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March 26, 2009

On Our Way to WAM...

The ESC will be on a brief hiatus while we go to WAM! and spend a few days enjoying the Boston/Cambridge area.

In fact... we're on the way there RIGHT NOW! (We finally learned how to use the "Schedule" function on blogger, heh).

We may or may not have reliable access to the internet while we're gone, so we've scheduled a few blog posts for the week that we'll be gone... but a lot can happen in a week, so we can't promise that they will still be brand new and current at the time they get posted. (For instance, we heard this wild rumor about John McCain choosing a female running mate for the 2008 election. Crazy right?)

Anyway, we'll be back in a week and will definitely have some great stories to share when we get back! And don't forget, you can still support the ESC's trip to Boston retroactively... Do it for Debbie!

We will be updating Twitter during the trip, so if you'd enjoy all of our annoying updates of the 'we're on the train!', 'we're drinking Corona at a bar...in Boston!', 'we're stalking Sarah Haskins!', 'we're eating lunch with other feminists!' variety, make sure you're following along at twitter.com/EvilSlutClique


Dollface said...

Have fun in Boston, it's an amazing city! Of course, it's my hometown, so I'm biased...

Be sure to have some Guinness while you're in town!

ceirdwenfc said...

Have a great time! I just started twittering, so I'll be reading all about your trip.