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March 17, 2009

Support the ESC

First off, we wanted to let you know that we have a brand spanking new website!


Don't worry, Evil Slutopia isn't going anywhere. We just needed a new home for our growing media empire.

And speaking of that...

Many many people have written to us asking how they can be a part of the ESC Movement for Change. And we get it, because if we were them we totally would want to help us too. Okay, fine, maybe we're not actually that shameless, but some of our readers have asked us how they can help us as we build our evil slutty empire. Even after all this time, we have to say that we're still so flattered whenever we realize that other people actually care about what we do.

We're not really the type to look for charity (although we're perfectly okay with lots of shameless self-promotion), but the truth is we have been stressing about money lately. And time. Specifically not having enough of either. And apparently time is money, so technically you could say we're stressing about money twice.

Domain names cost money. Internet access costs money. Upkeeping our ancient computers costs money. Most important of all - Corona costs money, and you know we can't do our best work without Corona. We're also doing a lot of traveling this year - we try to attend events across the country to spread our evil slutty message (ya know, for the betterment of society and crap) - and surprise, that costs money too. Also, hopefully the incomparable Chiquita is coming to visit us this summer, and anyone who kicks in to her travel fund will automatically become a BFF of the ESC, and any other letters that you want.

So basically, the bad news is that the ESC Empire is sort of in debt right now. In fact, we've named our debt: Debbie Debt. We used to call her Little Debbie, but she's really let herself go and has gotten too big for her britches. We would really love to downsize Big Debbie, or even replace her with Patty Profit or Susie Surplus.

The good news is that we have a bunch of projects in the works that are sure to make us rich and famous any day now, including some new sites that we'll be launching later in the year. But in the meantime, you can help us with our empire. We normally wouldn't ask for help, but if some of you want to give it to us anyway... we might as well let you know how!

1. Donate Money

The quickest and easiest way you can help is by making a small a donation to our Paypal account, in order to help offset the costs associated with running the blogs, etc. Do it for the children. And, you know, world peace and stuff.

2. Buy Our Merchandise

If you prefer the "PBS pledge drive" form of fundraising, you can buy something from one of our online stores. Perhaps a nice tote bag? (We've got tons of other cool stuff, but we know how much PBS loves their tote bags).

3. Support Our Sponsors

We invite you to support our sponsors and affiliate programs. You know who they are. They have good shit, that's why we advertise for them. (Well, that and the fact that we get paid. Minimally). If you see an ad on our sidebar, read it. If you see a link to a book or album in one of our blog entries, click on it... it's there for a reason! We know you're going to buy it anyway, you might as well let us get the 2 or 3 cents credit from your purchase.

4. Link to Our Site

Promote us on your website or blog. Digg us or stumble us or tweet us or whatever else modern technology allows you to do to us now... Or just shout our URL from your bedroom window. Whatever works.



5. Promote Us in Your Neighborhood

Join the "ESC Street Team" and we'll send you a package of Evil Slutopia cards and stickers and other cool stuff to pass out to evil sluts in your neighborhood.

For more information: ESC Street Team

6. Apply to Be an Intern

Want to really be a part of the clique? Apply to be an ESC Forever Media intern!

Will you get paid? No. Will you get school credit? Maybe. (We're willing to fill out any paperwork required for your school, but it ultimately depends on their requirements. We don't have to mention the word "slut", unless you think your school would be into that). Will we let you write for the blog? Possibly. Do you have to live in the New York area? No, but it's a plus, and not just because it means we can take you out drinking.

For more information on how to become an Evil-Slut-in-Training and what the requirements/responsibilities would be: Employment Opportunities

7. Hook Us Up!

Volunteer your time, if you have any "services" or special skills that might be benefit the cause. If you have any other connections that might be helpful towards our ESC World Domination goal, let us know!

(Or, you know, if you just want to send us presents, that's okay too... Our Wishlist)

Got an idea on how to help that we haven't listed? Tell us! We're also always open to suggestions for new merchandise (like our on-going "Suck It" series) or news stories/topics you'd like us to address on the blog.

8. Hire the ESC

We're in the process of getting our consulting service up and running... We can help you with your website, blog or social networking, as well as offer freelance writing and editing services. Please check out our Services page to see if we can help you with your needs.

9. Stay in Touch

Add yourself to our mailing list, so you can keep informed of new and exciting stuff that's going on with the ESC. (You can also add us on myspace, become a fan on facebook, or follow us on Twitter - get links here).

10. Keep Reading!

The final thing you can do to support us is to just continue reading and commenting on our blogs. You are the reason Evil Slutopia still exists. This has truly been an amazing few years and we are so proud to have come so far and hope to continue evolving and growing as time goes on. We couldn't have kept it going without the awesome response we've gotten from our readers and fans, so thanks for the love! Keep it coming!

But your love won't pay our bills.

(Come on, do it for Debbie.)


Jen said...

Debbie sounds scary.

Dollface said...

Happy St Paddys day, ladies!

I'm already linking to you, but I will check out your merch :)

What would an Evil Slut intern's responsibilities include?

Bill said...

Very interested in the ESC Street Team (and you know in my travels I could spread the word around), and I'll shoot some donations your way as I am able.

Very happy to make sure blogs like yours remain out there to inform and entertain us.

ceirdwenfc said...

Interested in the intern thing depending on the responsibilities. I'll be at the Skidmore conference again if you want to meet for lunch.


Thanks for the support!

Dollface, we'll email you.

ceirdwenfc - We'll be there too, so we'll do lunch one day for sure.

Shen said...

Hey, I JUST found you guys this afternoon and already I'm in love. Fellow strong-lady love, not creepy stalker love. And I want to keep reading--can you enable the RSS feed that's built into blogger? It's the only way I know I'll be able to stay on top of things.


Shen - we're glad you found us! Our RSS feed is enabled, or it's supposed to be, so we'll check and see what's up with that.

Anonymous said...

Try this?