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March 28, 2009

When Good Toys Go Bad

Disclaimer: We are away from reliable internet for the week, while we go to WAM and check out Boston. This blog entry was written previously and scheduled to be posted today. If anything is outdated or has been disproved by now, well, too fucking bad.

So apparently dolls are going to corrupt our children. There's been some stink this past month about dolls doing damage to our little girls... some of it is just conservative parents being overprotective and some of it is legitimate. We're not going to judge (okay, that's bullshit, we're going to judge a little bit). But for now, we're just going to give you an update on the most recent toys gone wild...

As you know, Barbie turned 50 this year. (She totally doesn't look her age by the way). She celebrated the big 5-0 by getting some tattoos, which has totally freaked out some uptight parents. Unfortunately it looks like it's just the same old cliche tattoos that everybody else has, like a butterfly or a flower, mixed in with some silhouettes of barbie's head which are just creepy. Is Barbie really such an egotist that she's going to tattoo herself on herself? Oh wait, she probably is.

Meanwhile, Jeff Eldridge wants to ban Barbie all together, because she's a bad role model. All we can say is, well duh. But the only way to make Barbie even more popular is to say you're not allowed to have her.

Oh and while we're on the subject of Barbie, we just have to throw this in because we fucking love Sarah Haskins: Barbie's Little Secret and Target Women: Barbie. (PS - She's totally going to be at WAM. In fact, we might even be in the same room as her right now as you read this. Jealous much?)

But enough about Barbie... This past summer Strawberry Shortcake and a few other favorite characters got makeovers. This year it's Dora.

She's not just getting a new image, she's growing up. I don't agree with the parents who claim that Dora is being sexualized. There's nothing sexy about the new Dora (unless you find pre-teens sexy... which if you do, please leave our site right now because you're either too young to be here or you're just creepy). We do understand the concern with the new Dora, but honestly I'm not nearly as concerned about it as I could be. I don't think girls are going to start dressing differently because of Dora. I think that the girls who are already dressing like that will give Dora another chance.

While I definitely think it's important to have strong female role models out there, I don't think you have to be a "tomboy" to be empowering. Sometimes in our attempts to make sure our daughters don't feel the pressure to be "girly", we end up alienating those who do happen to be into fashion, etc. You can do both you know.

Also getting a makeover are the Disney princesses. Although honestly, I barely can even notice the changes. I can't tell if the new princesses look "better" or "worse". They pretty much suck either way because they're Disney princesses, right?

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