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April 28, 2009

Equal Pay Day 2009 Link Roundup

Today is Equal Pay Day! Why today? Because Tuesday is the day when women's wages catch up to men's wages from the previous week, and because women have to work until April to match what men earned in the previous year. Yes, it's 2009 and this is still happening. Here are some great resources for more info:

~The National Committee on Pay Equity - NCPE is "a coalition of women's and civil rights organizations; labor unions; religious, professional, legal, and educational associations, commissions on women, state and local pay equity coalitions and individuals working to eliminate sex- and race-based wage discrimination and to achieve pay equity." They've got an Equal Pay Day kit that includes background info on legislation, sample op-eds and letters to the editor, suggested activities and more.

~Check out this piece from the May issue of Redbook, "Are Women Really Worth Less Than Men?" [via Writes Like She Talks]

~The Institute for Women's Policy Research has put out a fact sheet on The Gender Wage Gap By Occupation, and their website has lots more on women and work issues.

~AAUW (American Association of University Women) has lots of info, a resource kit, Equal Pay Day ecards, and a collection of Equal Pay Day events taking place around the country. You can also read the testimony from AAUW's Director of Public Policy and Government Relations before the U.S. Joint Economic Committee on the issue of equal pay.

~The National Women's Law Center tells you how to take action on the Paycheck Fairness Act. They've also got state-by-state data on the wage gap and a place where you can register to Blog for Fair Pay.

~The Center for American Progress Action Fund held a panel discussion on equal pay, which you can listen to by checking out their podcast.

~The Women's Rights blog on Change.org looks at the question of whether a woman's weight may also be connected to the wage gap.

~Moms Rising has some great blog posts on fair pay today, as well as a section on their site dedicated to the issue of realistic and fair wages.

~President Obama issued a proclamation today "call[ing] upon American men and women, and all employers, to acknowledge the injustice of wage discrimination and to commit themselves to equal pay for equal work."

~On Twitter, check out the AAUW feed and the #fairpay hashtag. You can also get a #fairpay Twitter widget from NWLC.

~The Women's Museum shows us what's at stake:

Or you can just let Batgirl explain it all:

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