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April 10, 2009

Go Sisterhood!

We went to Shecky's Girls Night Out last month... lots of shopping and free booze, what's not to like? But there was one vendor that stood out to us as just our style - both in their clothing and in their message. (In fact, we might just be them in a few years.) So we wanted to give them a little shoutout and some free publicity. Check them out: Go Sisterhood!

Go Sisterhood is not just a label, it's a state of mind. Our T-shirts send a message to women to be united, determined, strong and have a passion for life. Live the Message. Follow Our Heart.

We are sisters-in-law and co-owners of Go Sisterhood. Throughout the years we have developed a special bond and friendship. We realize that women can draw strength from each other by sharing their experiences and overcoming their adversities together.

Our company represents strength, unity and determination. These three words represent our philosophy. We hope our label will inspire women to believe in themselves and their own unique qualities.

Bonus: With every purchase, Go Sisterhood makes a donation to the American Heart Association.

1 comment:

oleander. said...

Damn those hoodies look nice and I'd love to support this company...too bad my bank account is almost empty.Thank you for posting their link, I'll be sure to keep them in mind if I'm ever able to purchase clothing again ^.^