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April 17, 2009

It's Sandals Time!

We're going to take a momentary break from our typical rants and "important stuff" to celebrate the fact that Winter is over! We're still dealing with those pesky "April Showers" but Spring is still officially here (and it's sort of finally starting to feel like it) so you know what that means... Summer is coming next!

Winter has been really long and dark and dreary over here at Evil Slutopia, so we are totally psyched about the imminent warm weather... So we're going to do something a little crazy, admittedly stereotypical, and maybe even a little anti-feminist (at least according to some).

We're going fantasy shoe shopping... because it's finally "Sandals Time"! We have a really long "To-Do" (much of which is still leftover from WAM!) but we can't help but procrastinate when faced with such pretty selections from Zappos.com...

Zappos.com also has cute selections for the kiddies (because our cute little ESC-in-training likes to do fantasy shopping too):

Yeah, so this was fun... but we should probably get back to talking about teabagging and gay marriage. Maybe - if we can take care of that pesky big ol' Debbie Debt - we'll actually do some reality shoe shopping on zappos.com instead of just fantasy shoe shopping. But the rest of you should definitely check out the site - they have so many styles and offer free shipping and free 365 day returns!

And in the meantime, we'll just drool over pictures of sandals in between research on our next gardasil follow-up and working our way down our excessive WAM! Reading List and live vicariously through the rest of you.

1 comment:

FEMily! said...

Payless just launched their eco-friendly Zoe & Zac line, which has some cute sandals. But I opted for the brown ballet flat.